1 04 2008

I am the ultimate Queen of Procrastination, and I figure the only way to get anything done is to make myself accountable. To do so, I need to cut back on the number of times I type the same thing over and over on different forums and groups. So if I consolidate everything, including my jewelry pictures, maybe, just maybe I’ll manage to spend more time in the studio! Well, a gal can dream, can’t she?!? I’m going to try uploading some pictures while I’m at it – let’s see how it goes!

Garnet Pathways pendantThis is is one of my ‘Pathways’ pendants, featuring three garnet cabochons. The metal is sterling silver. All my work is fabricated from sterling silver sheet and wire. No, I don’t use and probably never will, Precious Metal Clay. I took a class, HATED it, and will stick to what I do best!!

Okay, let’s try this picture thing again! Here’s another ‘Pathways’ pendant featuring green tourmaline (metal is sterling silver).

Green Tourmaline Pathways Pendant

This next one is a pin from my new ‘Data’ series. The small stone is a garnet, and I’m not entirely sure what the bottom stone is. Well, besides being really pretty!! I don’t usually do monochromatic work, but really like these reds together. I also added a ‘pin/pendant’ converter which is a small tubing like device with a loop on it that can be put on the pin stem and then hung on a chain. Lots of versatility with this one.

Data Garnet pin pendant

And finally is my new, all time favorite and just for me, Pathways bracelet. This is the first of it’s kind and I am telling everyone that I’m test driving it. But I already LOVE it and so pretty much plan on keeping it. I have two more that just need setting that will go to the gallery, but those can wait til tomorrow!

Pink tourmaline and Amethyst Pathways bracelet

Forgot to mention that the stones in this one are pink tourmaline and amethyst and the metal is sterling silver.

Okay, off to the studio with me! I will be back again tomorrow with new jewelry! This could be addictive!




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