As Promised!

3 04 2008

Here are the latest of the Pathways bracelets.

Opal & Peridot Bracelet

Opal Doublet and Peridot. I’m happy with this one, however the opal isn’t really that blue in household light. It just loves the natural daylight and really glows. This is the smallest of the three bracelets so far. The bracelet part is made from 10ga round wire. The texture (as almost everyone who makes jewelry asks!) is from my rolling mill. It has a texture roller that gives me this wonderful texture.

Ammonite & Garnet Bracelet

This one is ammonite (a fossilized sea critter, much like a snail) and garnet. This is the biggest of the three (I know, it would help if I gave you guys measurements, but my ruler is downstairs in the studio and I’m not!! Sorry!! If you need to know, email me! LOL Anyway, same texture as the other two as well. Love that pebble texture as I so fondly call it!

Side view

Here’s a picture of this bracelet from the side – shows how the bracelet loops around and hooks to the plate. The bracelet of this one was made with two pieces of 10ga round wire (painstakingly) straightened and soldered together, rolled through the rolling mill to flatten a bit then shape. I don’t think I’ll make many like this. It was a royal pain to get it looking half decent. I’ll have to come up with another idea for bigger, heavier plates. Oh, mine (see below!) is done with a piece of 8ga round smashed with a hammer until it’s flattened and lengthened enough to fit my wrist – no, won’t be using that again either! Cost me two hammers! LOL! One out and out broke off the handle, the other started to come off (horrible scenario of hammer head flying across the room came to mind, so I stopped!). My advice, if you’re going to really really pound things with a hammer, make sure you’re NOT using a $4.50 hammer!! You get what you pay for! Hah hah!!!

And just to round out the day, here’s a pic of another of the furry felines that rule the roost around here.Stache

This is Stache, Marvin’s brother. there’s three of them that are very similar (litter mates). I call them the triplets. The third is Sloth (or Boo as he’s come to be known by) but he rarely sits still for photo ops.

Now, off to design, create and set up a display for the Abbostford Gem Show. I have to get it done for tonight, so I better get cracking. Here’s a link to the show’s website if you’re wondering what it’s all about –, – great for demos, displays (lots of jewelry displays from all the different lapidary clubs in BC) and vendors of all kinds of rock, gem & jewelry stuff. Maybe I’ll see you there! Cheers!



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