Happy Saturday!

6 04 2008

Well, as promised, this is the gem show update! Heh heh! I had a great time at the show, after a fantastic class with my friend. This is going to be a long one! I arrived at the show and immediately went to the book vendor. I bought ‘The Art & Craft of Making Jewelry’ by Joanna Goldberg and ‘Resin Jewelry’ by Kathie Murphy. I really wanted to get the resin jewelry book by Sherri Haab, but they didn’t have it – that’s next on my list!! From there it was a visit with Michael at Komarevich Originals. He is evil! hah hah!! Not really evil, just has too many tempting goodies to entice the weak willed! I started out by choosing a bunch of assorted quartz cabs (see below)

Asst\'d Quartz

Then he had to go and show me these!

Blister PearlsBlister Pearl Backs

The first pic is of blister pearls (also called mabe pearls), the second picture shows you how pretty the backs of the same pieces are! I did grab a couple of little ammonites from him, but nothing too fancy…


After spending too much money with Michael, I figured I better move on! So it was off to another vendor who had opalized ammonites! And I bought a bunch of those!

Opalized Ammonites

And this little beauty!! It has drusy in the end of it! How cool is that?!

Ammonite with Drusy

By this point I knew the show was coming close to an end (I think there was an hour left!), so it was off to the gentlemen from Toronto that I visit every time they come to the show. Here’s the stash of goodies I got from them..


The little ones at the top left are ammolite cabs, as is the bigger greenish one at the far left. The two purple ones are amethyst (but weird looking! Pretty though!). The three blue/green ones are chrysocolla. The top two on the right and the one at the far right side are epidot in quartz. The dark triangular one is tourmaline in quartz, and the five sided one at the bottom is something the guy called secret seven – to me it looks like rutilated quartz of some kind. Not bad for a quick romp through the gem show!! Now to find things to make with these babies! I am going back again on Sunday afternoon. I think I need more of those pearls, and somewhere there are pyritized ammonites there somewhere! Must find them! Hah hah!!

That was my fun time at the gem show, hope you had a chance to go! I did see many of my students, which makes for lots of visiting and fun! Plus my friend Pat was demonstrating lampwork, so I did get to chat with her for a while. I’m off to help hubby with dinner – he’s cooking, I’m just supervising! Have a great evening!

Quick promo!! If you are in the Lower Mainland and need tools, Brendalee at Capilano Rock & Gem is the gal to see!! Not only do they have great prices, she knows her stuff and she’s making sure the rest of the crew at Capilano knows it too!! And for those of you who used to shop at Capilano many years ago, you should know that things have changed! Oh my, how things have changed! New ownership, fantastic customer service, awesome selection of tools, metals, etc and by far the best selection of beads in BC!! Oh wait, this was supposed to be a gemshow update!



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6 04 2008

Hi Barrie – what wonderful jewels you got at the gem show. Can’t wait to see what you make.


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