Sunday, Soggy Sunday!

7 04 2008

Whew! The gem show is over for another year! I spent way too much money (don’t we all?!) and yes, I went back again today! I had to take my granddaughter, Freya for her annual visit. She’s 5 and loves rocks, beads and having fun. Perfect place for her! We visited with my friend Pat Doyle (Bellavista Glass), who was demonstrating lampworking. Freya got to play Spin & Win (and got a couple of fabulous little grab bags, some costume earrings and a little gem tree), then she bought 2 big grab bags (the rock clubs donate all kinds of rock type goodies for the grab bags), then we spent a bit of time in the make & take room. Basically, it’s an area set up for kids to create things using rocks, shells, beads, wool, feathers, sticks, sequins and more. Freya designed a very cool looking bird, and I’m hoping I can get a picture of it tomorrow. Yes, I did a bit more shopping. I had to get some more of those STUNNING mabe pearls for my friend Joye (she owns the gallery where I sell my jewelry – She did go to the show, but obviously missed that little treasure! I also picked up some swirly grey/white drusy for her. I got myself one more book – Tim McCreight’s ‘Practical Joining’ as well as a couple of strands of clear quartz nuggets (I have a design in mind!), a very cool white dendritic agate marquis cab, and a tiny little trilobite. I’ll try to get pictures tomorrow. I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow, so don’t count on it! If you have to, have to, have to see them, email me or leave a comment and I’ll get on it faster!

Now, I’m off to have some dinner with hubby, then a nice relaxing evening! I am putting the finishing touches on my Advanced Jewelry Making class notes, and then early to bed! It’s been a busy weekend! Hope you all had a great one! Cheers!



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