Where did Monday go?!

8 04 2008

Here it is Tuesday and I totally missed Monday’s post! My only excuse was an extremely busy day yesterday! I discovered that copper and brass are really expensive! LOL But I have enough copper now to keep the students entertained for the next couple of weeks. I went to the place that I buy my fire bricks from – and they are closed on Mondays. ARGH!! I’m glad I didn’t make a special trip – I had to go to town anyway. I had to go to Staples to get a new printer cartridge and bought a ton more stuff. I have a stationery problem! I LOVE stationery! Notebooks especially, but yesterday it was binders! I bought two, and they’re pink!! Only because they didn’t have purple. Sigh. I think I’ll survive! LOL!

I’m off to the gallery this morning. Joye & I are going to play show & tell of our gem show finds. I did pick up some extra mabe pearls for her, as I know she’ll love them and wish she’d gotten some. I have a couple of  custom orders to pick up and I have to drop those bracelets and necklace off with her. She hasn’t seen them yet, and I know she’s going to love them.

Before I run, I should tell you about one of my new favorite places t o buy from!! http://www.komarevichoriginals.com – they’re in Calgary, AB. Be forewarned, they’re website sucks, but it’s under construction. He’s the guy I got my pearls from, and my assorted quartzes, and probably a whole lot more! He’s also one of my bead show vendors. Super nice guy, and I finally got to meet his wife! She really does exist (I thought she might be a figment! He never brings her to the bead show!). This is the place I got my NECKLACE MANDREL from – that’s the steel form for making neck collars on. He had them at the show for $65 which is his regular price!! If you’re looking for one of these, you’ll know that is a damn fine price!!! Even if you have to ship from Calgary! More info on them as it comes to me – I’m sure we’ll be in touch, he gave me some interesting news that I hope comes to pass! More on that when I’m ‘allowed’!!

Now, off to the gallery, have a great day everyone! I’ll be back tomorrow with some pictures. One of my students made an amazing pendant that I want to share with you all!! Cheers!



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