Just gotta brag!!

9 04 2008

No, not about me! I have to show you this picture! It’s the piece that my student made that I spoke of earlier today. I forgot I had already taken a picture of it! Phyllis is one of my Wednesday night students, and this is her third piece ever!! I’m so proud!! She hasn’t seen it finished yet, so don’t tell her I posted it until after Wednesday night, okay?!

Phyllis's Sunflower Pendant
I went to the gallery today, Joye Designs in Port Moody, BC (www.joyedesigns.com) and dropped my bracelet and pendant off (see April 1’s post – the opal & peridot bracelet and the eudyalite pendant/pin – I forgot the two small sqaure pendants, and the ammonite bracelet is sold). I picked up a few commission pieces, had a great visit with Joye and played show & tell with our stones from the show. She took 5 of the mabe pearls (I bought extra just for her!), and I can hardly wait to see what she does with them! She’s such a talented wire wrapper!

I’m off to spend the evening quietly relaxing with a cat in my lap, fighting off a cold. Wish me luck! Cheers!



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