Hooray, it’s not personal!

13 04 2008

Well, turns out the convention center doesn’t hate me personally (I know they didn’t but I always take things personally! Hah hah!!). Turns out they’ve had a major reconstruction of management, ownership, etc. and the new crew is a little narrow-minded. So I will be presenting my case to them next week, and hopefully I can persuade them that we are important enough to make a few exceptions, but if not, then I will find another venue for our show. It’s way too much fun to stop now!

I haven’t been in the studio in a couple of days but should probably head down there today. Our oldest son & his g/f are coming over for some tattoo work (my husband – heretofore referred to as ‘dh’ – is an aspiring tattoo artist. The kids are on their way, but they’re coming from Vancouver, so could be a while yet. You know, I’m pretty lucky, I really like the girlfriends my three oldest sons have chosen. My youngest doesn’t have one (he’s 17), but the others are fantastic.

While I have your attention, I should probably say something jewelry related! I’m seriously thinking of organizing a get together of former students, jewelry artists, friends, jewelry enthusiasts sometime this summer. A get together that focuses on sharing ideas, show & tell, suggestions, resources, etc. I firmly believe in sharing information (as my students will tell you!), and a group of like-minded people could have a REALLY good time! And if we have it during barbeque season, even better- good company, good food, lots of eye candy (show & tell!), promises to be a good time! I’ll post more on this as I figure out the logistics – in my spare time – that I don’t have – but I want to do it anyway! Don’t mind me, Now I’m rambling! That means it’s time to get off this computer and get into the studio and create! Cheers!




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