Kitty Tracks!

14 04 2008

So what do I do on a lovely Sunday afternoon? Well, get a tattoo of course! Yes, another one. This is number 10 – unless you count the collage on my leg as two (technically they were done years apart) which would make it 11. No, not my last either. Wanna see???

Kitty tracks tattoo

Weird huh?? Yes, this is behind my ear, so when I pull my hair up in the summer, they’ll be visible, but when I have my hair down, only I’ll know they’re there. They’re actually pretty tiny foot prints, but I wanted lots so went with smaller ones. I know, I know, what was I thinking! Hah hah!! It didn’t hurt much at all, the top two were a little ouchie but not unbearable. It does pay to have a hubby that tattoos! 🙂

I have done very little in the studio this weekend, bad me! But I have a bunch of projects lined up for this week, so hopefully I’ll have some new eye candy for you all!! I’m also working on some riveting projects (the technique of riveting that is!) for my advanced classes this week. I’ll show you what I make when I get them done.

Hope you have a great week planned – I know I have lots of work this week (bead show stuff, class stuff, custom work stuff and maybe even some jewelry to sell!) but I will be online to keep up here – that’s a given! Hah hah!! Cheers!!!




One response

15 04 2008

Hi Barrie! My feelings were hurt! LOL I was waiting for an email, and decided you didn’t want me to link to you! I finally checked your comments and voila!
Your new tatoo is so cool! I want dog tracks around my belly button. I only have 2 tats right now, but would love more. They are addictive! If my hubby did them, I’d be covered!
I checked out you website, and I love your soldering tut. I passed it on to Chris aka Happycalm. She loves it, too!
You are now linked!

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