All is right in the world again!

15 04 2008

At least in mine it is! I have had a couple of places contact me about the show, and all will be fine! Whew, not that I was worried, but I really don’t like loose ends like that! I hate change even more, but I have a great crew that will hold my hand through the newness! 🙂

This is a very quick post as I have to get ready for class tonight. Note to self, try to get this done earlier in the week so I’m not rushing on Mondays! Hah!!

Gratuitous critter pic!! Here’s a pic of Marvy, the inspiration for the tattoo. He’s a total pain in the butt, and you can’t help but love him! 🙂


I’ll be linking to some other jewelry blogs soon – I’m a little slow to figure this stuff out, but when I do, you’ll be able to spend a day surfing, much like I do on a regular basis! Hah Hah!!! Have a great Monday everyone!



One response

16 04 2008

What a cute baby!
I’m so glad everything worked out with your show. I can’t wait to see what you do with all the pretty stones and things!

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