Still Alive and Kicking!!

23 04 2008

Well, it’s been a while, sorry about that! Life got in the way for a few days there! I had a resin class at my home studio on Sunday, taught by Mikel Leffler – – who has been working with resin for many years. I finally convinced her that she should teach a resin class at the bead show this year, and she finally agreed! So our little get together was a dry run, and a way for her to determine what kinds of things she needs to be prepared for when confronted with real students! So Mikel, Susan (my wonderful teaching assistant who really doesn’t get enough kudos from me, that’s for sure!) gathered at my studio and spent several hours playing with goopy stuff! Wanna see what we made? Oh all right!

First is my favorite pendant (saving the best for last is NOT my moto! LOL!)

Resin floral pendant

Then there’s this little pendant – I seriously slapped this together the night before the class! Hah hah!

Resin pendant with copper

Then with all the left over resin, I used a cabochon mold and made these

Resin cabochons

And here are Susan’s pieces – first two are copper pendants that I quickly put together the night before.

Sue\'s Copper Pendant

Sue\'s Copper Piece 2

And her left over cabochons! I LOVE the color!!

Sue\'s Resin pieces

I think I really love this stuff, even though it doesn’t look like we accomplished much, I certainly got a lot of great ideas and can see myself doing a whole new line. We shall see anyway!!

Other news, my stepson and his wife are at the hospital as I type. She’s having a c-section this afternoon to bring our newest grandson into the world. Must be nice to know the sex, the date and the time that you’re going to have your kid, not like the good old days when I had mine! Hah hah! The new baby’s name is Sam. I guess it’s easier to name a child early on if you know what you’re getting. Kevin (our second) was almost two full days old before we had a name for him.

Well, guess I better get my act together and get working! have a great day and I’ll be back tomorrow!



One response

23 04 2008

YAY! Congratulations on the new grandson! My granddaughter turned 4 on the 21st. She was a c-section, too. I don’t think i would want that for myself. Give me the old way anyday. Epidurals are excellent and no awful scar. I think it’s just easier for doctors to schedule a c-section and not have to get up in the middle of the night!

You already know that I love your resin work. It is gorgeous!

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