Too much driving!!

27 04 2008

Hello! Today I spent WAY too much time driving. Hubby (Randy) & I picked up Mark (our 21 yr old son) and his g/f Cecili, then headed all the way to Richmond – we’re talking more than an hour drive one way! We were off to visit Randy’s first son Josh and his wife (Carla). They just delivered grandchild number 2, a gorgeous little boy named Samuel. I always forget how adorable tiny babies are! Sigh! Probably why I had so darn many myself (four boys!)! LOL! We visited with them for a while, then headed back home. Carla was looking a little tired – okay, a lot tired! She had a c-section on Tuesday, so no wonder!! Anyway, we headed home, dropped the kids off, then met our oldest son, Chris and his g/f Val at our place. They were going to get some tattoo work done (Randy is a tattoo artist), but once we’d been home for a while, just seemed like too much work for everyone involved, plus Val wasn’t feeling to well, so scrapped that plan til next time. Then I drove Chris & Val to the skytrain in Surrey, which is about an hour round trip. So in all, if you count the half hour of driving around before I even left home this morning, picking up kids, getting gas, etc, we’re talking roughly four and a half, almost five hours driving time for me today. not a very environmentally friendly way to spend a day, not to mention the achiness that goes along with sitting in the car for that length of time. I tell you, tomorrow will NOT be a day of driving!! Tomorrow, I WILL finish my custom orders for the gallery. I’m also hoping to get a chance to try out a new ring design I have in my head. But we shall see! Apparently we do have to go to Langley for some drywall. I wish there was a magical portal or maybe a port-key so I didn’t have to drive! Yeah, I know, too much Harry Potter!! Okay, I’m babbling! As many of you know, I do that sometimes!! Tomorrow’s blog will be jewelry related – somehow, someway!!! Cheers!

PS Tomorrow I will strive to lay off the exclamation mark! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! Oops – forget those ones, they don’t count. (boy, that’s hard! rats, there I go again – this is going to be a HUGE challenge I see)




One response

30 04 2008

I just hate being cooped up in a vehicle all day! It gets worse the older I get, too. Now, if I’m not driving I go to sleep! That never would have happened when I was young. My hubby’s driving TERRIFIES me, and I’ll still catch myself drifting off! Just can’t help it. Oh, I’m not even gonna try to stop with the exclamations. I love them! LOL
Congratulations on the new addition!!!

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