The Best Laid Plans!

29 04 2008

Well, I’m sitting here thinking to myself that I forgot something this morning and I’m right!! I TOTALLY forgot to take pictures of the custom pieces that I dropped of at the gallery today. I really meant to take pictures, then got side tracked (that happens a lot!), and forgot!! Too late now, I guess. It wasn’t anything too exciting, there were two hammered bands, a VERY plain amber pendant (just a bezel and a back plate with a simple bail), and a diamond ring (band with a ridge on each side with a bezel around the diamond – the texture was done with an electric engraver). My friend (and wonderful student)  calls the style of the diamond ring a ‘rail ring’ because it looks like a rail on either side of the band. I know, pictures would help!! Okay, picture this ring with round edges instead of the squared ones shows (I used square wire for this ring, round for the diamond one!), plus the texture on the wider part of the band has a brushed look. Of course the stone is smaller and round and a sparkling diamond! But this is the style.  Rail Ring

So lesson learned, I must remember to take more pictures! Now I must go get ready for class tonight! Have a great week!



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30 04 2008

Shame on you! How could you?! LOL I would have loved to see them. This one is gorgeous, though. So I guess I’ll let it slide this time!
Thanks for the offer of help with rings. I’ll need it! I made two so far. I love working with silver! It totally rocks!!!

30 04 2008

You have to admit they do look like rails! If it’s the ring I saw it’s a beauty…if not then I just know this one is probably just as fabulous. I was thinking of you today as I took my photos thinking that I have to ask you what your secret is…you always seem to be able to produce photos so easily. LOL Now I know the secret…a good memory! 🙂

1 05 2008

I’d love to see picures of the real thing too! 😀

This one itself is stunning. 🙂

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