Happy May Day!

1 05 2008

Wow! May 1st already! Where has the year gone so far? Thank you to those that commented on my rail ring. I should make more of those, shouldn’t I? Today though is dedicated to lampwork beads. I have a custom order that needs tending to, and as they are easy for me to do, then I will just get on it! I’m not sure why, but when I sit down at the glass torch, time just flies by. When I sit at the silver bench, some days just drag by! Wonder why that is?

If all goes according to plan, I’m heading to the Whole Bead Show in Vancouver on Saturday (gotta check out the show competition!). Well, actually, I’ll be visiting with my vendors. Most of the Canadian vendors are also in my show, so it’s a good opportunity to see how everyone is. I’m looking for a new venue for 2009 (yup, got the final word, we’re looking for new digs!), and I want to get their input on what I should be looking for. I hate change – I really hate change! Any change upsets my world. My husband gets this horrendous urge to rearrange the living room furniture every couple of months and it really freaks me out when he does it! So moving something the size of the bead show throws my world into a spin for sure! Good thing I have a wonderful network of friends and helpers to make the transition a little easier! Now, if I could just find a place that wants us! 🙂

Have a great day, tomorrow is Friday so the weekend is very close!! Cheers!



One response

2 05 2008

Time does fly doesn’t it? I think it has jet engines at this point in my life! The older I get, the faster it flies.
I hope everything works out for your show. I’m sure it will! You’ll figure it out.
Have fun Saturday. I wish there were things like that closer to me. There’s NOTHING!
And yes! You should definitely make more rings like that one! It’s awesome!!!

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