Creative Slumps

14 05 2008

I’ve been stuck by a creative slump lately. Not a huge one, but enough to make it very difficult to sit in the studio. I go in there, I look around and notice all the stuff that still needs doing to finish it off. Then I sit at the workbench and pick things up idly. There’s always stuff on my bench, lots of stuff, sometimes so much stuff that I can’t find anything. So I pick up some stones, put them down. I pick up a partially finished pendant/pin that’s hit a brick wall for me – don’t know where to take it from here. The way I originally wanted to hang it won’t work (it’s too wide), and it’s not going to work hanging downwards (off center, triangular, not really pendant-y if that makes any sense to anyone but me! LOL!). It would make a pretty pin – but it will need some stones, some more wire, I don’t know what else! Bet I add some balls too. Don’t I always?! Anyway, back to the slump. I have a bunch of resin supplies now, but not the dyes, so all I have is clear. I don’t want clear! I want color! I don’t want opaque color or I could use hubby’s tattoo ink (I think), or spices, or whatever. I want dyes. I want them now. Yes, they’re coming, but not fast enough! LOL! So I sit at the bench, picking things up, putting them down, grab my little box of silver scraps, root through it, put it back down. Every half hour or so, I pick up the remote to the tv, change the channels a million times, try to watch something, can’t stay focused – I keep thinking I should be making something! This is not good! LOL! I’m at the point now where I just need to go down there (I’m hiding upstairs as we speak – a little distance is a good thing, right?), grab a ring shank and make a ring. They’re my comfort pieces. I have lots of ring shanks sitting on the bench with no purpose. I really should make some stuff for Etsy. And yes, maybe I will. More likely, I’ll just sit there and do nothing again! But if I’m sitting at the bench, I’m at least within reach of the tools and such, not like up here where I’m within reach of the time-sucking computer!!! Off I go ………………….. in a minute! I will make a ring, I will make a ring, I will make a ring…………………..



One response

14 05 2008

Well, it must be something in the air! I’ve been feeling the same way. I can’t seem to get motivated! I usually work everyday, but now I don’t want to. Well, it’s not really that I don’t WANT to, I CAN’T! I’ll be so glad when this goes away! Good luck with the slump. You are not alone!

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