I think I need a nap!

26 05 2008

Whew! It’s been a busy weekend! The class today was spectacular but I stayed up WAY too late last night! But I was having so much fun working at the bench til nearly midnight, oh yeah! Gotta love it! 🙂 I really wanted to get two pieces done. One is a ring for one of this weekend’s students, Damaris Oakley (you can see her awesome lampwork at http://www.redfireart.com). She commissioned one of my sticks and stones rings back in March when she took a class with me, and it’s taken me ages to get it done. Not because I haven’t had time, it’s because it was giving me fits! LOL She had chosen a stone that was not conducive to a pleasing design – it was a large right angled triangle. So as soon as she arrived on Saturday, I asked her if she was okay with it, or would she prefer a different stone that I had picked out for her (similar to the triangle but much better shape!). Woohoo, she chose the different stone! So I wanted to get it finished before she left back to Vancouver Island. So what do you think?

Damaris' Ring

I think it turned out pretty good. Of course the pictures could be better, but I was in a hurry! LOL I took her to Joye’s gallery (www.joyedesigns.ca). Joye’s been looking for a new lampwork artist to feature and I really think Damaris will do well there. She has a fabulous eye for color and design, and she’s a nice person – perfect combo if you ask me! 🙂

Speaking of Joye, the second thing I wanted to finish last night was a bracelet I’ve been working on for Joye. Her company logo is an ammonite, and I had picked up some good opalized ones at the last gems how (I think I even posted a pic here somewhere! LOL). Anyhoo, Joye’s such an awesome person to work with that I wanted her to have one of these for herself. Besides, if she wears it, it’s good advertising for my work, right? What do you think of this baby?!?

Joye's bracelet

The ammonite has lots of orangy/red flashes, so I added an almandine garnet and an orange sapphire. Joye’s personal taste is monochromatic (lots of shades and variations of the same color) so I really wanted to keep it in the reddish/orange color palette. Sure enough, Joye loves it, it fits like a dream, and looks fantastic on her! She’s heading to Vegas this week, so she has some new jewelry to show off! LOL I’m hoping she finds some exciting stones for me at the Vegas gem show she’s going to!!

Well, this day has been long but fantastic and I think I’m about ready for a quiet evening in my recliner snuggling a cat or two (or three, or whatever! LOL). I’m looking forward to Wednesday’s class this week – I forgot to get pictures of Dianne and Phyllis’ textured pieces, and fortunately I get to see them then, so will bring my camera! I think I even managed to etch a couple of pieces for myself – we’ll see if they’re what I want when I have a chance to really look at them! Maybe tomorrow! LOL

Hope you all have a great Sunday evening, I’m about to get rained on so it’s time for the recliner!! Cheers!




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27 05 2008

These are STUNNING! I love the stone in the ring and the ammonite is gorgeous! They are very lucky women!!

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