Happy Hump Day!!

29 05 2008

Whew, made it to Wednesday! Woohoo! I haven’t had time to be in the studio for a few days – okay, honestly after the whirlwind weekend I had, I chose to take Monday and Tuesday off!! I had class Monday night, so that didn’t really count, right? And last night I ended up watching the Andromeda Strain on A&E. It was kind of slow in the beginning, but picked up after a while. I don’t know why I watch those kinds of things – you know, end of the world scenario, ultimately caused by human beings, etc. At least they weren’t zombies! LOL My son had a fixation with zombies for a while. He would double check and make sure the doors were locked at night, the windows were closed, etc. He wouldn’t go outside after dark, that kind of thing. Turns out he had spent tooooo many hours playing video games and was freaking himself out! ROFL! Thank goodness he found a different game to play! 🙂 I personally don’t do the video game thing – it sucks your time like a leech and what do you have to show for it? Hours of frustration and annoyance – and no pretty jewelry at the end of it? No thanks!!

Well, I’m off to my last official Wednesday night class tonight. Many of them have been with me for 16 weeks, they’re wonderful and it’s going to be hard to say goodbye. I don’t have anymore official classes until October, and I know I’ll post a few classes on my website, but as usually happens, people won’t sign up, won’t show up, etc. Then I won’t hear from them again, maybe a few years from now they’ll take another class and I’ll try to remember who they are………. well, aren’t I little Miss Suzy Sunshine tonight!? LOL! Sorry!! On a plus note, the class will be so much fun tonight. We’re having a little bit of a finale party, with goodies, coffee, etc. I know we’ll be giggling and laughing the whole time, so it’s worth it even knowing this is the end of the class!!! Cheers!



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29 05 2008

I like those kinds of movies, too! LOL Stephen King is my favorite author, and he’s kind of obsessed with that theme! We are our own worst enemies, I guess. Have fun at your last class!!

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