Get outta my head!!

2 06 2008

Hello!! It’s a grey Sunday evening here tonight, just got up from a nap about an hour ago, and STILL can’t get this song out of my head! It’s really dumb, but REALLY sticks in your head! LOL! And now that I heard it again, I’m doomed to hear it for the rest of the night, you can bet! No new jewelry this weekend, but hope to have lots of show and tell this week. Dh (dear hubby tonight – he’s cooking dinner!) has the day off tomorrow, but I’m bound and determined to get stuff done!! Famous last words! LOL

Best get going here, the cat wants feeding, and he does not take no for an answer! Hope you all had a great weekend and the week to come is a good one! Cheers! Oh wait!! Gratuitous critter picture – Bailey! 🙂





3 responses

2 06 2008

Barrie, you are so crazy! LOL I can see why the song got stuck in your head!
I can’t wait to see some more of your awesome jewelry! But in the meantime, Bailey is gorgeous! Later~

2 06 2008

You nut!! Now the song is in my head and I’m on my to work. I can see it now sitting on the bus and humming that song. ttul

2 06 2008

Hey, just had to share!! Cat, I’m a kitty cat, and I dance, dance, dance, and I dance, dance, dance! ARGH, now it’s back in my head – it’s a vicious cycle! BWAHAAHAAHAAAAA!!!

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