5 06 2008

Well, I think I need some assistance here. I made the following pieces in silver and added some resin for color. So my dilemma is whether or not these work. I know, I’ve been making jewelry long enough to know what I like and what I don’t, what sells and what won’t but I would really like to hear what others have to say about these. Well, first of all, here they are

Sunset Resin lime green pendant

pink resin dome lemon yellow resin

pink resin w/cz

Okay, the first one at the top, left – pink, orange, yellow. The picture really sucks (shoulda wiped the finger prints off it before taking it’s pic!). There really isn’t a bright colored outline around the color – that’s just the reflection. Honestly, what do you think? I’m reserving my comments until I’ve heard from a few people. Don’t want to influence you!

Second one – the leaf shape on the right. Wow, talk about fluorescent lime green!! It was really pretty without the color. That’s a cz tube set in the middle of the one side. Thoughts on this one? I’ll show you a close up of that one later – the square wire bail wraps around like a vine (I was being creative !LOL!).

The next two are shocking pink and lemon yellow respectively, small textured domes. I made these ages ago before I had the resin class in April or May (whenever that was! Hah hah!). The last one is a tiny dome with a tube set cz in it – shocking pink again.

My dh loves these, he says the colors are modern, trendy and sellable. What’s your thoughts? I’m really curious how these are seen by others – aside from the crappy pictures! LOL! Do please take a minute and let me know what you think! Thanks!!



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5 06 2008

Ohhhh I love them!! They are fantastic!

The colours are so rich and vibrant. My personal favourite is the first one with the colour gradient, loveeeeeeeeeee it!!! I can send you my address if you find yourself not happy with them 😀 *bats eyelashes*

5 06 2008
Suzy Q

I love the leaf, green lovers will love it. It’s classy yet like your DH says it’s a trendy color. And the little guys…yummmy, they are happy colors. Can you imagine them all together on a bracelet. I love the pattern of the big piece but i’m not a red, yellow fan even though I’m dying to have a yellow studio. but I love the gradation. I think the pink is not matching the tones as well but you already knew that. Trust your instinct, I know you well enough to know your instinct is usually bang on. Cant wait to see more resin. The leaf is so pretty!

5 06 2008

Barrie, I really like these. My favorites are the first two. Nothing wrong with the others, just my personal preferance. I think the colors are really “now”.

5 06 2008

I love the vibrance of all the pieces . they are so brillant!They speak of a a beautiful sunny, spring day! They put a spring in your step just like a sunny warm day! Bravo! Nothing wrong with color! I feel that these pieces brighten up your up yourself and your day!

6 06 2008

I really like the first two. The leaf is gorgeous! I can see the others on a charm bracelet. I, personally, like plain silver, but the colors are vibrant and pretty!

9 06 2008

They work! So fun and I can see the appeal for little girls, teens, young adults, and ladies at least as old as me.

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