Is it Tuesday already?

10 06 2008

I sure can’t get over how fast time flies these days. Kind of scary! It’ll be bead show time before you know it!! I got some great news to that end today – my friend from Chicago – Mary Poineal, owner of McDuck Creations (check out her interchangeable bead stuff! ) – is going to come to the show to be a vendor! I also heard from a lady in Mexico who is coming as well. She has some FABULOUS sterling silver components and charms. Gonna be a great show!

I had a blast this past weekend putting together some more resin stuff. Some of them have cubic zirconias for bling. One can never have enough bling! 🙂

The first one you guys have actually already seen, I removed the old resin (yellow/orange/pink) and replaced it with yellow orange and red, MUCH better as far as I’m concerned. It reminds me of a tropical sunset or something!

This next set is a fabulous shade of blue – it reminds me of the aquas that lampwork glass rods come in. The cz’s made these ones really flashy! LOL

The next one is a wonderful dark rose color, not hte light pink it appears on my monitor!

Then I got totally carried away with disks. I took lots of my scrap textured bits, cut them into disks (love my disk cutter!) and domed them slightly. Some I added small jump rings so they could dangle like charms – the half inch ones got cz’s. The tiny ones, I think they’re 1/4″ but I’ll measure before I put them on Etsy, have a tiny loop on the back so they hang down – I think these would look SO cool on thosee woven treasure bracelets that are so popular!

Oh, and this one is about an inch, domed quite deeply with a 4mm cz. It reminded me of looking down into a pool of water.

Too much fun! 🙂 And no, these aren’t all the pieces! I told you, I got totally carried away! I have a bunch of custom work to do as well (picked up from the gallery yesterday). Nothing too difficult, but needs attending to. Guess I better go get something done. Dh is going to think I’m a total slacker if I don’t get some dishes done as well today. Hope you all have a great day!!




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12 06 2008

Barrie, these are gorgeous! You are really on a roll. I especially love that last one! Awesome job!

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