TGIF! No, really!!

13 06 2008

This week is finally over! Yippee!! Although I don’t know why that makes a difference to me – as I work on my own time. Friday means that dh will be home all weekend. Friday means that I don’t have to get up at 6am tomorrow morning to drive dh and son to work. Friday means that we will probably go shopping tonight (yay! I get to get out of the house!). I guess Friday excitement is just a hold over from all the years of kids, school, work, etc. In all honesty, it could be Friday, Saturday, Tuesday, whatever!! Right now, I have no classes going on, so really every day is the same. Hmmm, that could explain why I feel like I’m alone all the time! LOL I am! So really, Friday means I have company for the next two days! How sad is that?! LOL Oh yeah, I’m all alone – except for the two dogs, both flaked out sound asleep. And the four out of six cats (oops, make that five – Missy’s hiding behind the printer) are sleeping in the same room as I am. Then there’s the cockatiel – oh wait, she’s sleeping too. The four leopard geckos sleep all day anyway (they’re nocturnal), so I don’t expect them to be awake. The bearded dragons are awake – but dreadfully boring, just sitting there enjoying their fake sunshine (heat lamps). Oh and the two iguanas – but they’re just as boring as the dragons. Jeeze, no wonder I talk to myself! LOL!

Enough babbling from me – you guys didn’t stop by for that! I’m posting classes on my website (see link to the right) today. Might as well get some classes going here, the space is ready, and so am I! I’m going to be posting some more resin pieces on my Etsy site (link to the right! LOL). My son’s g/f Cecili was over last night, fell madly in love with one of the pink resin pieces and I gave it to her. She’s going to bring her bathing suits over to match resin pieces to them! LOL She’ll be great advertising! And I have some work to do on my bead show website. Ah, it never ends! 🙂 If all goes according to plan, I might even squeeze in some studio time today!! So I better get started! Hope you all have a fun and safe Friday the 13th!! (you didn’t think I missed that part of the equation, did you?!) Cheers!



One response

14 06 2008

Barrie, we are in the same boat! My company is always my dogs. My hubby works offshore, so he’s gone for 2 weeks, and my seventeen year old just started work, so it’s me and the dogs. Sometimes I feel crazy for talking to them all the time! But hey, gotta talk to somebody!
I use my daughter-in-law for advertisement! It works out pretty good. She gets free jewelry, I get free ads. But if I give her something, I have to make my grand-daughter something, too. She also loves jewelry!
Friday the 13th was, thankfully, uneventful for me. I hope yours was too, and your weekend is great! Later~

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