TGIF Again?!? Yeesh!

21 06 2008

You know, at this rate, it’s going to be Christmas soon!! Time is just rocketing past me! Sorry to be so quiet this past week. It’s been a pretty good one. I started teaching a student at home on Wednesday nights. I miss my regular classes and especially the last semester at UCFV. But onward and upward, I always say (no, really, I do say that!). Now that my student is coming on Wednesdays, that gives me a guideline for other things going on around the house – kinda marks the week for me! Plus I can work on my own things while she’s working on hers, so it’s a win/win situation. We’re hoping that a few more students join us this summer! Otherwise, she’s getting a heck of a great deal, and will learn TONS. Not that I mind, but some others might want to get in on this! *hint, hint* 🙂

What else is new!? Oh, yeah! I fell in love with a VERY expensive (to me) purse, and had to have it. In all honesty, I think I spent more on this one purse than I have on all the purses I’ve bought in the last 5 years!! (my purses usually average about $15 or $20 and I use them til they fall apart – at least a year! LOL). So, this little splurge was kind of my consolation prize for getting old. I know – what the heck is hse talking about, you ask. I went to the optometrist this past week as well. Go figure – I have old eyes. Sigh! Not exceptionally old, in fact he said they’re in great shape for a woman my age (hello? I’m 45! that sounds way too much like talking to my grandmother! ARGH!). Anyway, I looked at more pairs of glasses than I can possibly even remember then decided that at this point I would get good reading glasses and get used to those, then go ahead and get the WAY more expensive progressives later on – when I can afford to do it right. So, since I saved a lot of money (in my twisted mind!), and since I rarely buy stuff for me, I decided that I needed a consolation prize – my purse! LOL! Wanna see it? Guess what color it is? Oh, all right, you already know – purple!! Well, actually way more mauve than the picture shows – it looks lavender on my monitor, but IRL it’s definitely mauve. And it’s made out of seat belts! Yes, seat belts!! Crafted in the US, high end parachute nylon lining, rated to hold up to 2000 pounds (no, I won’t fill it quite that full!), and guaranteed repairs for the life of the purse!

My purse!

Isn’t it pretty?! LOL! I know, I thrill easily – Freya says the picture looks like am Easter basket – sigh! Gotta love 5 year old honesty! It doesn’t look like one in real life – but it sure is nice!! Okay, I’ll stop babbling about my silly purse! LOL!

Must run, I need to drive my youngest son and his buddies to gaming night – my motherly duties call!! Have a great weekend if I don’t make it back. I do have some jewelry pics to show, just have to wait till I get back from the dropping off of teenaged boys!!





4 responses

21 06 2008

Hey Barrie!!
The purse is perfect for you! Very cute.
Have been enjoying looking at all your jewelery – Beautiful!

21 06 2008
Rita Reedy

Barrie, I love the purse!!! I don’t think I could justify anything that will carry 2000 lbs., but I could sure justify the purple!!! Surfing blogs since WC is down. Waiting to see that jewelry you made. 😀

21 06 2008
Suzy Q

oh, yummy. Is it shiny too, just like seat belts. do I have to wait till I’m 45 to have a consolation prize too.

24 06 2008

did your purse come yet???

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