24 06 2008

Well, as promised, I’m back with the resin pictures! I apologize in advance if any of them are blurry! I’m working with new glasses and can’t tell if it’s my eyes, the camera, the computer or the darn glasses!! Yeesh! No one told me that once you hit 40, your eyes go to hell in a handcart! Not fair!! Of course, no one mentions a lot of things about getting past that 40 mark! But that’s a whole other post, and can wait for another day!! In the meantime, here’s some eye candy for you!!

First is my favorite (and I can see a new line coming with these) – a leaf pendant in a soft sage green color (two shades actually!), and a cubic zirconia. I’m having a real love affair with cubic zirconias these days! LOL! Oh, and bet you can tell me what’s wrong with this pendant?!? Figures it took me until I was photographing it to figure it out! Doh!! (it’s almost 3 inches long! Not for the feint of heart!)

Sage Green Leaf

Then I took a couple of pictures of these larger domed pieces. I really like the floral texture though you can’t see it will from a distance. And getting a good picture of the purple color is REALLY hard!! It’s a wonderful lavender color. My friend Rita would love it! πŸ™‚ The pink of course is HOT pink!! It’s a really vibrant color!

Lavender Charm

Then there are the cubic zirconia charms. I’m not happy with the orange one and may remove the resin from it. But for now, the color is outstanding so I’ll show you (ignore the tiny little bubbles! LOL!). And the other is a beautiful lime green, not the fluorescent green from the other day but a rich bright lime green. I love it! πŸ™‚

Then there are the little charmie!! All 47 of them!! I played mix and match with the colors while I was photographing them – such rich colors!! I LOVE them! They’re so tiny and cute! I think a Robin Atkins style treasure bracelet would be perfect for some of them – but way too much work for me at this time, so I’ll have to put that on hold for a bit!! Anyhoo, here’s the little cuties!!

And here’s one of those magical combinations I was talking about earlier – pink and brown!! Stunning together!!!

You don’t want to know how many pictures I took of all the different combinations! LOL I need a life! In the meantime, I’ll be getting some of these posted to my Etsy site tomorrow. Tonight I am just too darn tired! Fortunately it’s almost bed time and I am SO there! πŸ™‚ Have a great night!




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24 06 2008

oooh, I really like that leaf!!! But what is wrong with it? Did you put the bail at the wrong end? And not fair about the eyes. This 40+ stuff is for the birds. And I’m not even 40 yet.

24 06 2008

LOL The leaf is gorgeous, even if they veins are facing the wrong way! I love all the resin pieces, especially the tiny ones. I own several pink and brown shirts and I love the combination. The little charmies would be great on a flat chainmaille bracelet.
I completely agree on the 40 year old stuff! My eyes have gone to hell too! Right along with a lot of other things! LOL

24 06 2008
Rita Reedy

Barrie, Of course the leaf veins are going up instead of down, if it supposed to be attached at the stem end. Just claim you did it on purpose because that type of leaf grows up!! πŸ˜€ Love the purple, of course, regardless of the shade. What a fun thing to see all those little charms together, too. I think a treasure racelet would be perfect topped off with all those lovely little charms. I am planning to add the ones I bought to something along that line myself. Haven’t done one of those yet, but I think it’s high time. Missing you all. :heart:

24 06 2008

Yes, that’s it! I put the ‘stem’ at the other end to make a statement about the world today (ROFL! How’s that for artist-speak!). In all honesty, it was purely by accident – don’t work when tired! πŸ™‚ Flat chainmaille might be an idea – just gotta find some of that spare time people are always talking about! πŸ™‚

25 06 2008

Oh no! Now I need to go check out your Etsy! These are just too fun and wonderful.

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