Sunny Day at Last!

24 06 2008

The sun is shining!! Will wonders never cease?! As long as it doesn’t get crazy hot, I’ll be a happy camper! Now, if Wet Canvas would come back online, I’ll be even happier!! Andee, Rita, thank you for the comments!! Makes me feel like I haven’t been completely abandoned! LOL! For those of you who don’t know Wet Canvas and the Wearable Arts forum, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. They are a fantastic group of people that are very supportive, and definitely the kind of like-minded folks you want to hang out with! Each and every one of them are very talented in their own right and it’s amazing at how helpful their comments, critiques and advice can be. So I really hope the administrators at WC get it together and get the site back up (it’s under some renovation right now and I think we’re all going through withdrawls! LOL!), my week will be fabulous!

I have exactly 47 resin charms waiting to be photographed today. They’re the little tiny ones – I had a blast picking colors for them and will probably group a few together on Etsy for those that like pre-determined color choices! I made some gorgeous brown ones – a really pretty brown. It seems to be a color that is quite predominant in fashion these days, and mixed with colors like pink or turquoise, it’s definitely a great accent! Oh, there are some light lavender ones that are sitting next to the brown ones and I have to say that combination is probably my favorite! I LOVE it! I also made a fantastic new leaf as well. I toned the green down (not everyone loves fluorescent lime green!), and it’s a pale sage green though if you decide to call it lime, then it can be that too – it’s a pretty color. I’ll post pics later. I just wanted to touch bases with my online buddies before I got down into the studio. Time flies when I’m in there and who knows when I’d be able to get back to the computer!!

So I better get to it, I hope you all are enjoying your day – I know, it’s Monday, but just think, Friday is only a few more days away!! Have a good one!

Oops almost forgot the gratuitous critter picture! This is my photography assistant Marvin. here’s he’s diligently helping me by eating the camera strap. Good help is hard to find! 🙂





2 responses

24 06 2008
Rita Reedy

Wow, Barrie, you have been so productive I am tired. It is beautiful and sunny here, too. Promises to be hot for my drive to Vancouver, WA tomorrow. Oh boy. I think I like hot weather about as much as you do. 😀 See ya soon. I will be watching for your newest charms, too. Missing WC. Mad it will take so long to fix!!

24 06 2008

Wait til you see them Rita!! I made lavender ones! Wheeeee!!!! Have a safe trip tomorrow, I’ll be thinking about you!! (fixed your double post btw). Come on WC!!! Get it together! LOL!

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