That Darn Cat!!!

24 06 2008

Oh Marvy!! What a pain in the neck this cat can be!! I have six cats, but Marv seems to be the one that is always getting into trouble, driving us crazy or just plain being a pain in the neck! This morning, as I pulled into the driveway after dropping Freya off at daycare, I noticed that Marv was torturing some poor little animal. I figured it might be a small bird, or maybe a mouse. He was having a grand time, flinging this black thing here and there across the lawn, waiting for it to move so he could grab it with his paw and fling it some more. I don’t argue with Mother Nature, but I don’t stand for torture. This cat is NOT hungry, by any stretch of the imagination!! This was not survival instinct, it was just plain cat instinct. I walked over to where Marv was having his little party, and check to see what he had. OMG!! It was a mole!! A real honest to goodness mole, with the funny feet, the star shaped nose, the little short tail!! And it was squeaking! Now, you have to understand – last year, we had mole holes around the yard and I freaked out. It was weird (me freaking out!), but when dh  (dumb husband in this case) shoved the garden hose down one of the holes that was right beside the front steps near the house, turned on the water full blast and left it running for over an hour!! An HOUR!!! And the REALLY scary part was that there was no sign of this water anywhere! I had visions of my house sinking into the newly created mud bog dh had just created!!! He turned the water off and I called an exterminator! They came to the house, installed traps, checked the traps a couple of times, and that was that, no more mole holes. But I never saw a mole before!! Not a real live one!!! So fast forward to this year – I’ve noticed a mole hole or two, nothing too serious (tons in the neighbors yard, but we don’t like them much! LOL!), and I decided I was not footing the bill for an exterminator when the neighborhood is FULL of these things. Anyway, I saw this chubby little black furry critter, squirming in the grass and squeaking!!! DAMMIT PAM, why did you have to show me that picture of Luke’s hamster! ROFL! So I shoved Marvin away from the mole and let the poor little bugger escape down the very same hole that dh put the hose down last year!!! Sigh. I guess I’m sharing the yard with the moles – they’re too darn cute to kill!! And besides, they eat bugs, grubs and that sort of thing, that’s good. Right?!? (Dh is gonna laugh his head of at me!!) Sigh!Oh, if you want to see Luke’s hamster, check Pam’s blog –

Guess I better get to posting some of these charmy things on Etsy. Or as my student Phyllis calls them, the BRT’s! (Barrie’s Resin Thingies). LOL Have a great day! Cheers!




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25 06 2008

oh no! Don’t let Mr. Nibbles keep you from avoiding a rodent problem! Though a mole or two shouldn’t be a big deal and you DO have 5 cats to keep them under control. DH keeps looking at Nibbles and says if he had a real tail, he’d be putting a trap in front of him. He’ll warm up to him soon though. LOL.

25 06 2008

LOL Barrie, I would have done the same thing! But, I used to have a big Lab-Rotty mix dog that spent his days digging up moles in the field beside our house! He was always dirty from his eyeballs to his nose! He also caught a possum once that confounded him. Everytime he thought he had killed it, it came back to life! Animals are a trip to live with!

25 06 2008
Rita Reedy

Barrie, The mole adventure was so funny!!! I can picture your house sinking into the sunset. At least you didn’t end up with a basement full of water or something horrid like that. I love the BRTs name. I think it is perfect. Looking forward to figuring out what to do with mine. 😀 Gotta go check out your etsy next. See ya soon. Finally got home at 9:30 pm having left at 9:30 this morning. Yikes, another day of torture. Oh, and a bead store and Michael’s Craft store. 😀

25 06 2008

That Marv is a character alright! Poor mole must have been scared senseless, well it did have the sense to go back down the hole. Miss your stories so I need to start stalking your blog.

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