Happy Hump Day!

25 06 2008

Kind of a stupid name for the middle of the week, ‘Hump Day’. Must have been invented by a guy with a non-neutered male dog!! *snicker* This is a quick one, as I’m bound and determined to actually get something accomplished today! Yesterday was a day of computer stuff – though there’s still tons to do. I spent most of the day surfing aimlessly! Oops!! It seems I’m suffering from the dreaded ‘cabin fever’! It occurred to me last night that other than driving dh to work and Safeway once this week, I have gone nowhere! My weeks seem to be blending all together, with no classes but my Wednesday evening home one (thank the lucky stars I get company tonight! Whheeeeeee!!!!). So to round out my day, I’m going to our local discount store (it’s closing so I’ll be looking for good deals!), to the new variety store that just opened up (it’s actually just moved from a tiny mall space to a huge building of it’s own), Freya tells me they have lots of plant pots (I need some!), a quick stop at the post office, and finally a dentist appointment. I have a wisdom tooth bugging me, so it may have to go. We’ll see. Anyway, it will be good to get out of the house for a bit, and I should be able to squish in some Etsy time. I really want to get those BRT’s posted today. Most of the pictures are taken, just have to sort through. Sigh!! Anyway, if I stand a hope of getting anything at all done, I should get Freya off to daycare and get busy!! Hope you are enjoying your Wednesday!! With any luck WC will be back online soon – pretty please?!?!?!?!!?

Oops almost forgot! I like blogs that have pictures, so here’s one of Bailey flaked out on the couch – gotta love those droopy lips! LOL!

Here’s a close up of those floppy lips! LOL!

PS I snagged an Etsy Treasury, check it out!!





2 responses

25 06 2008
Rita Reedy

You are so right about a guy naming hump day. Hee-hee!!! I hope you find the plant pots you are looking for. And, yes, I got to sleep until nearly 8. I actually slept pretty well, too. Yippee! Boy did I need it. Love all those little charms, they look so cool in that big pile. I am going to try to find the stuff to go with the seed beads for bracelet making. Just read a tut on spiral bracelets again and “understand” how it is done now. Just have to get brave and do it. It is a project I can do while never leaving my comfy chair. I bought a cute little basket just for that purpose. See you soon!!! Missing you and WC. Thank goddess for blogs!!!

25 06 2008

LOL, Barrie, I wish I could relax like that! ;o) Hi Rita, and everybody Wearable who will check in here! :wave:

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