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27 06 2008

Another day of not getting much done! Shame on me!! Gotta snap out of that! I did make some important phone calls (whoopee!), but that was about it. I’m going to try putting the computer in the studio tomorrow and see if that helps get me in there for a solid chunk of time. I know that I find it hard to concentrate in there right now as I’m out of a very important (to me) gauge of silver and won’t have any until Monday. So every time I head in the direction of the studio I think to myself that I’m going to make this, that or the other thing and then remember I’m out and my only option right now is rings. Not that it’s a bad thing. Rings are a very good seller for me. But when it’s the only thing you can make (I’m slightly exaggerating but that’s what it seems like), it’s the one thing you don’t want to make! Sigh!! Hope I have better luck tomorrow. I’ll let you know for sure!

Here’s a couple of little pendants that I made the other day, so at least I have something to show. You might recognize the rootbeer colored one. It was one of my original resin pieces, but I didn’t think the resin did it justice, so I replaced it with the rootbeer color. Good call? Let me know what you think. I’ll see if I have before and after pics I can put side by side.

You know, when they’re side by side like this, the purple/blue one looks really pretty, but in real life the color was very opaque and not shiny like it is in the picture. Just trust me when I say it didn’t work. If you know me, you KNOW I’d prefer the purple if it were prettier! LOL Here’s the other piece I finished the other day. Just a little circle of textured metal with a lime green resin-filled tag (someone mentioned it would make a great dog tag!! *idea* Gotta get that new silver! LOL

Have a great evening. It’s about time I got off this computer! LOL! Cheers!




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27 06 2008

The before pic is a beautiful deep blue on my monitor! I thought it was gorgeous, but if you say it wasn’t then I believe you! BUT, if you could get that color clear, it would be awesome! I like the little “dog” tag, too. So cute!

27 06 2008
Rita Reedy

Ditto what Tammy said. It looked beautiful on my monitor, but IRL can be totally different. Like the dog tag, it looks totally yellow on my monitor. I have to assume it is lime. I know the little BRTs I got from you are really eye-popping colors and so beautiful. You have a great eye and if you say the blue didn’t work, I know it really didn’t work. 😀

28 06 2008

LOL Yup, trust me, the purple did not work!! I’ll probably get rid of the copper color and make it a nice purple. Time will tell! LOL

5 07 2008

The orange/amber one is great. The design is very fresh, nice.


27 07 2008

I think Andee and I have the same taste! Do you have more than one sheet of these? I really like the daisy one and the pebbles but might could use some of the others.

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