It’s a BOY!!!!!

30 06 2008

Yippee!!! We welcomed our new grandson into the world today!! Dayton was born at 3:33 pm and weighed 7lbs 10oz, happy, healthy and ready to take on the world!! His mom is doing VERY well, and did a fantastic job (though I’m sure she’s glad the 3 days of labor is over!). My son, Kevin (Dayton’s daddy) is absolutely smitten – wouldn’t you agree (big pics today!!)

It was a long day for Claire (new mommy!), though they did give her some good drugs to take the edge off (I’m jealous, I didn’t get that with my kids! LOL). She’s a wonderful girl and we are SO proud to have her in our family. Here’s a picture of the happy new family (poor girl looks tired but happy!).

And of course, a grandmother would be remiss if she didn’t include even one picture of the little tyke himself!

And not to be outdone, my granddaughter, Freya was absolutely taken with how small he is. She kept staring at his tiny little fingers and his tiny little finger nails. She’s going to have such a good time being the big cousin.

(She’s getting SO big!!) Her Dad and Dayton’s Dad are so close that they were always thought to be twins by anyone who was first meeting them. Not so much now, as they don’t look nearly as much alike, but when they were growing up, it was a common comment. I’m SO glad they have each other during this time of young parenthood. Though Mark is younger than Kevin, he’s been a dad for over 5 years and is VERY good at it. I think Kevin will be leaning a lot on Mark in the near future. Though from what Claire said today, Kevin had very much the ‘deer in the headlights’ look on his face during Dayton’s delivery! LOL I’m glad Claire’s parents were there to keep him from fainting! LOL

Sigh, so all in all, it was a glorious day today! Though the heat is WAY over the top for me (I LOVE rain!), who could complain when such excitement occurs! I am off to the gallery tomorrow to pick up some new silver supplies, and will definitely be back in the studio in full production soon. Between bouts of babysitting the new baby of course!

Oh, this is for those that aren’t as baby crazy as I am! Here’s a picture of my poor overheated Himalayan cross cat Bummy, flaked out on his back on the coffee table basking in the full effects of the fans – poor guy hates the heat as much as me, I think!!

At least it cools off at night, and we leave the dog door open at night when it’s this hot so the cats can come and go while it’s cool. Thank goodness our yard is filled with huge leafy trees and tons of shade – it never gets nearly as hot as many people’s houses do!

Well, enough babbling from me! It’s been a wonderful day and I do hope you all enjoyed your weekend! I’m off to shower then bed. Sweet Dreams!!



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30 06 2008

What a wonderful blessing. Lots of love all around. Congrats to the new parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins…

30 06 2008

Beautiful family!!!! And yes, she does look tired. Hope she can get some rest. ((hugs)) to ALL of you!!! BTW: Dad looks so incredibly in love in that first pic — amazing what a little tiny baby can do….a new depth to what we experience in loving someone. 🙂

30 06 2008
Rita Reedy

Barrie, What a wonderful day for you all. How sweet about your boys being so close. I am sure Mark will give his big bro the kind of advice only a brother can on parenting. Freya is so adorable, too, I am sure she will be a great bigger cousin. Little Dayton is truly adorable. Not all pinched and funny like so many newborns. You are all truly blessed. I will be hoping for cooler weather for you all, especially poor Bummy. It looks like all that fur wasn’t such a good idea on such a warm day. (HOT) 😀

1 07 2008

Congratulations! What a gorgeous family! Poor girl, I didn’t know anyone went through labor anymore. All the doctors want to schedule C-sections now days.
Your grandkids are adorable! And the poor cat looks as miserable as me, in the heat! Hope it cools off there!~

2 07 2008

Congratulations Barrie! What a beautiful little family!
Hey, I just added you to my blog roll!


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