Not again?!?

9 07 2008

ARGH! That stupid cat!!!!! Marv just waltzed into the kitchen with another bird in his mouth!! I was in the bathroom getting ready for a shower, heard the bird noises, went to investigate, and had to remove the poor thing from his mouth! ARGH! I ranted and raved about what a murderer he is, meanwhile, the phone rings, I’m holding a dying bird in my hand, trying to talk nonchalantly to a customer. Poor bird expires in mid-conversation, so I wrapped it in paper towel and put it in the freezer til dh comes home. He can bury it in the garden for me. Sigh. Stupid, stupid cat!!! Well, I guess he’s a clever cat, but it sure didn’t make me happy!!! Poor little bird!! It was a male cedar waxwing – at least it wasn’t a momma bird with babies in a nest somewhere. Sigh. That’s the hard part about having cats, I guess.

So I get the poor bird put away, Marv follows me into the bathroom, and once I’d showered, he wanted to snuggle. Here’s my conversation with him: “Um, hello? You’re a murderer and I don’t snuggle murderers. Okay, well, maybe for a minute. Stop purring at me, you’re not cute. Seriously, Marv, you’re not cute. Sigh, okay, maybe you are cute, but you shouldn’t murder little birds. You horrible little cat (while I’m scratching him behind the ear while he’s curled up in my lap). Okay, fine, you’re cute. But that doesn’t make it right. (purr, purr, rub, rub, purr) Oh Marvy, I love you – stop killing things”

Yes, very hard to stay mad at him when he’s just doing what cats do. At least he had the good grace to get up on the kitchen counter to do his murderous deed – otherwise the dogs would have been in an all out frenzy! And I got the bird before there was any mess. This time.

I’m off to do a bit of shopping and get over my little trauma. Marv is now snoozing happily in the recliner like he owns the place. Oh wait, he does! LOL ………………



One response

9 07 2008

ROFLOL! You sound just like me! I can’t stay mad at my dogs, but sometimes I want to!
The dog that disappeared recently used to kill birds. She would have been a fabulous hunting dog, but I hate hunting! I feed the birds here, so it was kind of like I was baiting them for her! LOL

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