Still alive and kicking!

16 07 2008

Nope, haven’t dropped off the face of the internet, just been super busy. I’d love to say I’ve got a ton of new stuff to show, but that would be a lie! LOL! I have another monster necklace ready for coloring today, plus the earrings to match. But I HAVE to work on custom pieces today. Nothing too exciting, but I’m hoping I can squeeze some fun stuff into the mix at some point today. Marv hasn’t murdered anything since the last post (thank goodness!), all the critters are doing well (as are we humans!), the grandkids are fabulous. Freya is going to spend a day with me this week. She just wants to spend some time here with me and hang out. I love that a 5 year old finds it fun to hang out with me! 🙂 Baby Dayton is doing very well, keeping his mom and dad awake at night – hate to break it to them, but that’s what babies do!! LOL Can’t wait to babysit him again too. I’m VERY lucky that my kids and consequently the grandkids, live so close to us and actually like to spend a bit of time with us.

I better get to the studio, hope you have a spectacular day. The sun is shining here, so yes, studio time is in order (nice and cool in there, even on the hottest day of the year!). Oh, can’t forget today’s gratuitous picture (a very tired Bailey!)…..




3 responses

17 07 2008
Rita Reedy

Gotta love that face!! Bailey is adorable. Don’t tell her I said so, or certainly don’t tell the “Fun Police” on me.

17 07 2008

Barrie, I nominated you for an award! Love your jewelry and funny stories!

You can pick it up at my blog:


19 07 2008

It’s good to know you’re still kickin’! LOL Have fun!

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