Not long now!

24 07 2008

Hey all! Sorry to take so long to get the copper photo’d and listed on my Etsy site. I had the headache from hell yesterday and didn’t get a darn thing done! Fortunately it’s gone today (couldn’t have handled two days in a row!). I’m earnestly working in the studio tonight, as I have a bucket load of commissions to finish for Friday, plus I want to dig out all the copper I can find. Should be interesting! In the meantime, here’s a pic of a leaf that I finished the other day but haven’t put the resin in it yet. I have a few pairs of earring size ones on my fire brick, almost finished and ready to color. Hmmmm, that’s three resin series I have going! Woohoo! Go me! 🙂 Between that and the silver jewelry series, I’m really on a roll this year! i might actually have something to sell at the bead show this year! Yeeehaaw!!!

Anyway, as the title states, it won’t be long before the copper pics are ready – check back again soon!! Cheers!



3 responses

24 07 2008

Sorry about your headache. That sucks!
I like the leaf, and I noticed the veins are headed in the right direction, too! LOL I’m still checking Etsy for your copper~

25 07 2008

You are on a roll! Where is the copper…….

26 07 2008

I love how the lead is heart shaped and it looks wonderful as is, without resin.

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