I guess it’s about time! Hah!

27 07 2008

Yes! It’s still today!! Now, bear in mind that the pictures SUCK! I took them at the kitchen table on a piece of white computer paper, with no lighting other than the ceiling fan. Sorry, been a lazy day and I ended it with a lazy night! LOL I will replace them with proper pictures tomorrow, but these will give you the idea anyway. I will put proper pics on my blog tomorrow (once the sun comes up! LOL), but in the mean time you can check out what textures are available by clicking on my Flickr site to the right. I know, I know, the pictures suck (I believe I said that above! LOL!). The pieces vary in sizes but I’m going to give you the exact details tomorrow. At least you can see what’s possible (and this is the tip of the iceberg, I have to admit! LOL!). The butterflies are totally different sizes! The pair are quite small (maybe 1/2 an inch?), while the more detailed single on (large) is about 1 1/2 inches. The bigger textured pieces are about 2 inches by 4 inches maximum. The maximum size on the pebble texture is about 1 1/4 inches wide by pretty much any length (within reason of course!). The small leaves are another tiny one, they’re not even 1/2 an inch wide. Anyway, I could go on like this for hours! Sorry!! One of those days. I will make it MUCH more concise and clear tomorrow, but this gives you an idea of what’s possible.

Oh, might as well post some jewelry pics for those that could care less about copper stuff. These are a couple of the pieces I took to the gallery the other day (oh, wait! That was just yesterday! LOL!). The first are smoky quartz stud earrings in 14k gold. The stones are checkerboard cut, so they sparkle quite nicely.

Next is a green tourmaline ‘Rail’ ring (a term that one of my students coined for this style of ring!). The texture looks like a brushed finish, but it’s done with an electric engraver. Time consuming, but looks great!

And lastly is an opal doublet with little 14k balls on either side – simple but elegant if I do say so myself! Oh, and this one wasn’t custom, it was the original setting that the green tourmaline above was in. A lady fell in love with the stone, but wanted a different setting (se above! LOL) and so I took the stone from it and put the opal doublet in the original setting. Waste not, want not!

There you have it. Hope you’re having a great weekend. I’m going to work on the copper stuff tomorrow (you know, sizes, prices, proper pictures, etc). If there’s something you can’t live without, let me know! Cheers!!




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27 07 2008

Hi Barrie – love the copper sheets! I’d be interested in Small Leaves, Pebble, Gauze and Daisies. Could you let me have details, please? 🙂
Cheers, Andee

27 07 2008
Rita Reedy

Barrie, I love it all, but would especially like to know about some of the long stuff (like is it bracelet type material / guage), love the pebbled textural stuff and the leaves are beautiful. Have no idea what Iwould make or use it for, but want some all the same. I am sure you will have plenty listed. :heart:

27 07 2008
Rita Reedy

Totally forgot to mention the beautiful earrings and rings. Gold is not my style, but it is really beautiful. Love what you did to customize the opal doublet and nice job on reusing the first setting. Wow, I really want to take classes from you. Too bad you live like 8-9 hours away from me!! Oh well, I can dream can’t I!!??

27 07 2008

OH CRAP! How am I going to decide which ones to buy?! LOL I love ALL of them, and I can’t BUY all of them! Choices,choices! I guess when you get them listed on Etsy, the price will help me decide! LOL
I love the earrings and rings, but, if I were her, I would have left it in the first setting. The opal looks perfect there, though. How did you get that tourmaline out?! Looks perfect!
I’m off to Etsy to wait for the copper! YAY!!!

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