Another TGIF!

2 08 2008

Friday again – time is flying past me at record speed!!! Thanks to all that ordered textured copper. I’m hoping to get the last of it out today, as it’s a long weekend here this weekend (and we have no Saturday post office stuff anyway!). I know there’s one order at least that will go out on Tuesday, but she loves me, so she’ll forgive me (right Rita?!?).  It would be so much easier if I were more mobile, but due to limited movement (I have a REALLY bad hip), it’s a challenge to get into the post office some days. But I will persevere and it will all be good in the end!!

This week has been a pretty laid back one, though I could certainly use a ‘do over’ on a few of the days! Mostly because I didn’t get a whole lot done, but since no one is holding a gun to my head, then I guess I’m doing fine! 🙂 I did get to babysit my new grandson on Wednesday night. He was boring (in a good way!), and slept most of the time. But his wonderful parents (I do love them to pieces) need some lessons when it comes to packing a diaper bag! One bottle, no extra liner (though they did send lots of formula), lots of diapers (good!), wipes (good again!), a bib (good!), but no recieving blanket (huh?), no change of clothes (hello? boy babies pee everywhere sometimes, and spit up all the time!), no pacifier (okay, if the kid likes a pacifier, why don’t you send one! LOL!), no diaper cream (good thing he didn’t need it!). So dh and I are going out tonight and stocking up for our house. We’ll have our little emergency kit ready for when we get to Ibabysit and Kevin drops the ball. Tt was him, not Claire, we already established that one with them – he got the dagger stare from her! LOL She told him to quit being lazy and using the stuff out of the diaper bag at home so it’s ready to go when they are. But Kev is Kev! LOL He’ll never figure that one out! They’re camping this weekend – with a newborn. They’e braver than I am! LOL The other kids (Mark & Cecili and granddaughter Freya) are heading to Seattle with Cecili’s dad, a fun filled weekend filled with what Cecili likes to call ‘super-shopping’! Her dad is quite well off and loves to spoil the kids occasionally – they’re also going to 6 Flags and Red Lobster, Cecili’s must-do’s! LOL Cody (our yongest) is working all weekend, so we won’t see him (he’s the only one living at home now). Though I do believe our oldest, Chris and his g/f Val, will be coming out to play tattoos with dh on Sunday. For the most part, this will be a child free weekend for us – more so than any other time in our lives at least! After 25 years together, this is the payoff, right? All those tough times, hard lean years, are finally paying off and we get some time to ourselves. Good thing we still like each other!! Now, off to the studio with me! Next post will have my leaf series to show you! Woohoo!! In the meantime, here’s a new baby pic!! This was taken on Wednesday night, notice that Marv is snoozing in the playpen with the baby! He was there first – he loves baby stuff!! He’d already checked out the car seat and decided the playpen looked more comfy. Crazy cat!! The baby didn’t seem to mind! LOL

Dayton & Marvy

Dayton & Marvy

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!! Cheers!



2 responses

2 08 2008
Rita Reedy

Barrie, I don’t know which one is cuter!!! Too funny Marv the wonder cat loves anything and everything baby!!! Adorable, I love it when babies sleep with their hands in the air.

Of course I love you, and out Tuesday sounds good to me.

3 08 2008

He looks so peaceful! (So does the cat!) It would be wonderful to sleep like a baby, after you get as old as me. I envy him!
He is adorable still!

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