Hot Stuff – again!

6 08 2008

Nope, not whining about the heat, just hating it!! nuff said! LOL! But the plum trees are happy. I have one that grows up from under the deck then comes out the side and acts like a privacy screen between us and out neighbors. I LOVE this tree. I remember when we bought the house (9 years ago), it was more like a small shrub, poking out from beside the deck (you could see where the trunk was growing out of the ground under the deck). I made my dh leave it alone, as I really thought it was cute. Now it’s gorgeous. I’m not big on eating the plums, in fact if it never had fruit, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings, but this year, the deck tree is loaded. The fruit is fattening nicely, and will be ready in September or so. Here’s a branch that overhangs the deck – if you look closely you can see it’s plums hanging happily!

And even though it’s sweltering hot here (okay, so 30 degrees Celsius is probably not sweltering to all – indulge me, will ya?), I do have some jewelry to show of. These pieces are all ‘pre-resin’. Meaning that tonight (or maybe tomorrow, depending on my mood and the heat!) will be filled with various colors of resin. These are the first selections in my “Falling Leaves” series.

And my favorite pair of earrings (they have tiny little diamonds instead of cubic zirconias. No, no special reason. It just so happens that I didn’t have cz’s small enough for the tubing I used! Oops!! I just happened to have a couple of diamonds the right size – see? Hoarding is a good thing! LOL!

There are more pictures, but the pieces are similar. They’re going to get different colors, so they’ll be different. If you want to see the whole kit & kaboodle, check out my Flickr pictures to the right. I’ll post them with resin when they’re ready, I promise.

Now, off I go to the studio where it’s nice and cool and I can spend the evening enjoying the coolness of my favorite room in the house! Cheers!



4 responses

6 08 2008
Rita Reedy

Barrie, If I was there I would gladly eat your plums for you. So would Tess. The leaves are amazing just like they are, can’t imagine them looking better with resin, but they probably will anyway!! Nice work!!!

6 08 2008

I’m coming over and bringing a big shopping bag with me! For the plums although I really like your falling leaves. 🙂 They really are fabulous and I can’t wait to see them with the resin. You do good work teacher!

7 08 2008
Kewlie (Tracey)

Hiya Barrie,

I love Spring & Autumn (they are my most favourite Seasons of the Year), and your leaves ‘remind me’ of how much I love those seasons and also how much I miss those seasons (It is Winter here @ the moment).

I think the leaves that you made are truly beautiful… and you capture their beauty with the ‘real life’ looking veins in them.

I know you have plans to add resin to them, but like i said on the forum… I do love them ‘as is’, but… I am sure they will look beautiful too with the resin added and I cannot wait to see them all finished. Beautiful work.

7 08 2008
Rita Reedy

Girlfriend, your work is so spectacular!!! That is why I am doing this to you:

Tag you’re it!!

I am tagging you, as i have also been tagged. See my blog for the full details.

The rules of the game are:

1. Link back to the person who tagged you
2. Mention the rules on your blog
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged

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