Good news/Bad news kinda day…..

8 08 2008

Good news!!! The blue/green ‘monster’ necklace (forever after referred to as the first of the Geo Cosmo series) has found a home!!! I was at the gallery today when it sold! The woman (gorgeous lady, dressed in a stunning turquoise pantsuit with matching elegant shawl) bought the necklace to go with the outfit. HOLY SMOKES!! The whole ensemble looked AMAZING!! Absolutley AMAZING!! She’s going to a fancy wedding on Saturday and she is going to turn some heads herself (hope the bride doesn’t mind!) 🙂

Now the bad news. Marv the wonder cat has been missing for 24 hours. Neither dh or I have seen him since about 9pm last night. *sniff* If it were any of our other cats, I wouldn’t think too much about it, but if you know Marv, you could set your clock to his tummy. He is waking us up at 5 am every single morning to feed him. He’s spoiled and will only eat canned cat food. He eats canned food because of a serious illness he had as a kitten some 5 years ago (I think he’s five? LOL) and due to sinuses that are screwed up permanently, he will only eat canned cat food. And cooked chicken (dh still doesn’t understand that one does not leave chicken in this house unless it’s under lock and key!). Sigh. So no Marv since last night and we’re both very worried. I keep wanting to be positive, but it’s hard. So if you could say a little prayer (or speak to the powers that be or send a little white light or whatever you believe) that Marv comes home quickly and safely. He’s a huge part of our family and it feels weird without him. 😦

One more good news though, Marv’s sister Missy has been unseen for about 3 weeks. Which means we haven’t seen her but can’t say whether or not she has been in or out of the house at all because we have the dog door, she’s totally sketchy and a little scaredy cat. Anyway, I was on the deck this morning calling for Marv and I heard a very distinctive meowing from the backyard next door. Yup, Missy. She’s alive and VERY well! I did a double take because she looked pregnant – but she’s been spayed for years!! So she’s obviously found a place that feeds her well and doesn’t have the boy cats that we have here (her three brothers and two uncles). She wouldn’t come into our yard (of course Stache had to go visit her and scare her off) but at least I know she’s doing well.

And finally some quick pictures of the leaves with their resin coloring. I don’t know whether to call these good news or bad news. I’m not 100% sure of the amber brown. But they’re all at the gallery, so done is done! What do you think?

And a similar leaf in the amber brown color

Here’s the diamond sweetheart ivy earrings with green

Here’s a couple of the amber brown ones

(hmm, crappy pic! Oh well, they’re at the gallery now! LOL!)

Two more and I’ll leave you alone!!

Okay off to putter a bit. Fingers crossed that Marv gets his butt home!!




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