The Prodigal Cat Returns!!

8 08 2008

Marv’s home!!!! He showed up at 4:30am, meowing at the back door!!! Not a mark on him, no traumas, just a hungry tummy! I had to wake dh up and tell him – he was being all tough guy last night, but I know he was taking it as hard as me! He immediately got up and had a quick cuddle with his cat (Marv really is his cat – he’s got dh wrpped around his little paw for sure!). I know, not the most earth-shattering incident as far as world traumas go by any stretch, he is just a cat (if you can dare say that about a fur kid!), but he’s our cat and our world was pretty shaken – but now all is right in our world again, and today will be a much better day!

I forgot to show you the two custom pieces that I dropped off yesterday, so here they are. First a very wide cuff bracelet with a ‘parrot wing’ jasper (customer’s claim, not mine) with fire opal and tourmaline.

And a wide ring – it has a very faint leaf texture and the stone is an amber.

Now, off to the studio with me. I have a ton of stuff to catch up on that I didn’t get done yesterday (too busy worrying about that damn cat! LOL!). Have a great Friday!! Cheers!



2 responses

8 08 2008

Oh Barrie, I’m so glad Marv came home safe! Maybe he was visiting a neighbor and couldn’t get out of the house!
I love the new bracelet and ring. Gorgeous!! Especially the ring!
I also love the leaves! I really love the brown ones! You could add some oranges and reds to the brown and make a fall series. Fall leaves are my most favorite!
Glad you’re happy again!

9 08 2008

The cat came back…the very day…you know the tune…hum along with me. 🙂 Seriously I’m glad that Marvy is back…I like that kitty. I meant to write you about your falling leaves series…I love them, specially the tan coloured one. I agree with Tammy about the colour additions. I think that fall colours are a favourite of most people that I know. I suspect that you have another winner. Great cuff and rings!

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