New Banner!!!

9 08 2008

I was playing outside (so I’m over 40, I can still play! LOL) with Freya. We took Bob (our bearded dragon) out for a stroll in the grass. He wears a ferret harness and is on a retractable dog leash. He’s used to it, so he motors around the grass, nibbling the dandelions, trying to catch little bumble bees that fly by. The cat in my new banner (Goofy) was watching us with interest. Not that he gives a hoot about the lizard, it’s more along the lines of wondering whether he should wander over and scare Freya (she’s always called him ‘mean Gooby’ and for good reason. He’s scratched her on many an occasion!). I took this picture of him watching us and cropped it down for the banner – he’s my boy (Marv, the one that went missing is dh’s cat).

Yes, he’s VERY triangular (okay, he’s fat, don’t tell him though. He thinks he’s quite the looker!). He is full of attitude – but I love him to pieces. And I’m the only one he ever snuggles in any way. While we were outside, the newspaper lady came to the door to drop off the paper, and was telling me that she has learned that if Goofy is laying on the door mat, she has to stop, pet him for a few minutes until he gets up and moves or he takes swipes at her!! She knows he’s not being mean really, he’s just not done with you and if you move away too soon, or (heaven forbid!) don’t pet him, you get smacked! And if he likes you, no claws, if he doesn’t then you get the full force of paw and claw!! Can you tell we’re rather owned by our cats? LOL

Here’s a quick picture of Freya and Bob, having a little visit on the front lawn

Now, I’m off to take Randy (dh) out for brunch. Then it’s home to hit the studio and create!! Have a great weekend!



2 responses

10 08 2008

LOL Perfect picture for the banner! He looks like the type of cat that will ask for petting, then attack when you do! I had a cat like that. He would maul you!!! But I loved him!
Freya is adorable!!! (The lizard is handsome, too! In a reptilian kinda way!)
OH! Congrats on the sale of the “monster”! I forgot before.

10 08 2008
Rita Reedy

Barrie, Goofy is definitely a large chunk of cat!!! I love his catitude, too. He makes a good mascot for your banner. Kind of says, “Love my mom’s stuff, or else!!” At least the paper gal has the right attitude, eh?! Looks like Freya and Bob are having a good time, too!!!

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