Monday rolls around again!

12 08 2008

Well, I’m not impressed! LOL It seems that two of the three forums that I frequent (which means I log on to them when I’m surfing the internet – and spend countless hours at each one!), are both down today. What’s up with that?! Wet Canvas’ Wearable Arts Forum is my fav – the girls that chat together are wonderful and when I can’t log on, I feel like my friends are away on holidays or something!! I hate that! The other one that is down is the Jewelry Artist Network, frequented by many talented jewelry makers. Fortunately my third favorite (Lampwork Etc) is still up and running, but I’ve read most of the bits that I find interesting. Sigh!! Guess I might have to have a conversation with Randy or something! NOT!! He’s grumpy tonight – hope he cheers up soon! LOL I got some exciting news today – looks like I am going to be going to the Frantz Art Glass August Bash later this month! And I get to go with one of my dearest friends *waves to Darlene*!! We’re trying to convince our other friend to come, but she’s not having it! 😦 On one hand I want to bug her and bug her and break down her defences and she ends up caving in and going. On the other hand, I don’t want to pester her because I don’t want to force her to do something she doesn’t want to do. But come on, really, who wouldn’t want to spend a couple of days hanging out with me?! ROFL! I’m SO kidding!! I’m super high maintenance (picky eater, mobility challenged, sometimes snore, have way too many critter stories and so on!) so travelling with me is probably not the best fun in the world, but I’m a great navigator (most of the time!). Last time Darlene and I went away on a trip to Seattle, we could not for the life of us find the hotel she’d reserved for us!!! Took us forever! We did eventually, but it took FOREVER!!! Other than that, I’m a good navigator! And I’m not a whiner! I don’t complain about everything (I don’t think!). Maybe I’m one of those oblivious people that doesn’t realize what a PIA they are! What if I really am annoying!? What if I come off as an idiot instead of funny and cheerful?! Good grief, maybe I don’t want to go on this trip with me either! ROFL! I’m kidding, seriously, it’s going to be a blast and if you’re at all lampwork glass minded, it’s the event of the summer (well, second to the Gathering but that’s over now, and was too far away – Oakland, CA). So hope I see some of you there – I’ll be the one with the cane, trying not to be the center of attention. But as some of my friends will tell you, everyone knows me, and everyone stops to talk to me! Maybe this event will be different LOL!

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday, I’m going to post a pic and run! Here’s a shot of our little Miss Adventure. She’s the one that disappeared for a couple (actually 3!) weeks. She didn’t show back up again until Marv was missing, but she hasn’t stuck around. I do believe she has found herself a new place to live with a new family that must not have any other cats that want to beat her up. She looks spectacular, has actually gained weight and really seems to have moved on. No surprise, her mother and her grandmother did the exact same thing. Go figure!! Anyway, here’s our little Missy, hope she is happy in her new home, wherever that may be!!

Now, off to the studio with me, dh is watching some stupid Intervention show and it’s way too depressing for me! LOL Have a great evening! Cheers!



2 responses

12 08 2008

I watch Intervention sometimes! LOL It can be depressing, tho.
Have fun at the Bash, and I bet you are a blast to be around!

14 08 2008

Sorry for the snaffoo on the forum. 😦 I watch intervention too sometimes…..but sometimes is VERY sad….and hits way too close to home right now. 😦

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