Done at last!

21 08 2008

Whew!! The classes are now listed, Paypal buttons set up and registration has begun!! You should check out the classes – there’s some great stuff this year! (Fraser Valley Bead Show – I’m the organizer for those that don’t know! LOL Link to the right!). We already have a few people signed up so it’s looking great already (6 signups in less than 12 hours – with no fanfare or advertising yet!). The bad news – my class coordinator/organizer Lise, is in the hospital!! Blood clots in her lungs! She’s in her mid-30’s so this really shouldn’t be happening to her! If you could take a minute to send some thoughts or prayers her way, it would be much appreciated! I NEED her to be okay! I can’t even comprehend her not being okay. I’m sure I’ll hear more later today – fingers crossed it’s good news!!

I’m getting ready to leave town tomorrow. Hubby is going to be here alone with the critters. He doesn’t mind at all – he loathes leaving town! We won a FREE cruise to the Bahamas in 1999. He wasn’t going to go. Um, hello? Ar you nuts?! I told him I was going with or without him, so he finally relented and went. We both had a great time, but he was more than happy to come home again. Werido!! I love to travel, even if it is just a 24 hour road trip!

And as Ive been so incredibly swamped with bead show stuff, I haven’t had time to make any jewelry! Or beads for that matter! Not quite true – I spent a couple of hours making beads last weekend, but they sucked! Well, sucked for me at least. I sat down with lots of ideas, but the minute the kiln was up to temperature and the torch was ready, my brain went blank! I hate that!! Here’s the fruits of those labors (the first show it all the beads I made that day – some of which are UGLY!!), the second pic is of my favorites of the day – the zebras.

Nothing worth writing home about if you consider I’ve been making beads for some 9 years!! Ah well, they weren’t too bad considering I haven’t torched in MONTHS!!! Now, I’m off to the pet store to stock up on pet food, then to Walmart to get some sundry odds and ends to keep hubby out of the stores this weekend. Hope you all have a fantastic day!




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22 08 2008

Have a blast this weekend bead show lady!! You certainly earned your weekend away…the classes look great and I would even take some of them myself…somehow it just won’t work. 🙂 Seriously the work that you and Lise did on getting this together was awesome. Speaking of Lise…tell her I’m thinking of her…nice, happy, healing thoughts.

Love the zebra beads! Keep safe on your trip.


25 08 2008

I ‘m a little late posting, because I thought I posted here on Friday! I wished you a happy trip and said I loved the zebra beads, but it must have been all in my head! Getting older has a down side! LOL Why does your memory go all screwy?
Any way, I hope you did have fun this weekend, and I do love the zebras!
I have some ideas for my copper, but I have to go in the shop first! LOL I took the weekend off!

25 08 2008
Rita Reedy

Barrie, So glad you had a great time, even if you did overamp on sunshine. Any fugly beads you want to get rid of can be sent to me. 😀 They all look pretty great to me. The zebras totally rock!!!

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