Happy Days!!

11 09 2008

Hello again!! Sorry to leave you all hanging after that cryptic depressing post!! Not my intention, I was just getting it off my chest. I’m not even remotely depressed, unhappy or sad – quite the opposite actually. Life is fabulous! There are just some people that don’t seem to understand their effect on others, but  I suppose that’s what makes us all different.

It’s getting close to crunch time for the bead show, so I am extremely busy at all times (day and night usually!), but I do sneak off to my computer to surf occasionally! Just wish I had a bit more time to play, but at this time of year, I know better! Maybe I need to plan a small holiday for Randy and I after the bead show – I wonder if he’d go for it?! But for today, I’m headed to the gallery to drop some custom pieces off. I’m not even bothering to take pictures – to me, they’re boring. Not my typical work, and not something I even really enjoy doing. But on a plus note, they’re done! I am picking up a couple of custom pieces to work on when I get there and I hear at least one of them will be fun and a challenge. So we shall see!!! I should get going though as the traffic lately has been awful. I’ll leave you with a fun puppy picture – Bailey wearing Randy’s sunglasses. That’s Cody (my 18yr old) behind her, she sat there, waiting for me to take a million pictures. Crazy pup! Have a great day! I’ll post again soon!!



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