Sunny Sunday in September!

14 09 2008

It’s a beautiful day today! The sun is shining, everyone is in a good mood, and my granddaughter, Freya (who will be six in a few weeks!) slept over so we’re having a great time! I made a few custome jewelry pieces this past week (none of which were worth photographing – sorry!), spent TONS of time working on the bead show, and finally am taking today off from all that ‘stuff’. I might make beads later, but then again, I might not. LOL I love days like this!! Freya and I have to head to the dollar store (I did promise her a trip there last time I saw her – she wants a new pack of Pokemon cards). Hubby is going to mow the lawn in a bit (it desperately needs it!). Here’s a pic of Freya with her newly missing tooth! I can’t believe she’s going to be six in a few weeks!

And a pciture of a VERY happy cat – he LOVES this kid to pieces and won’t leave her alone when she visits. HEre he is helping her play with her Pokemon cards.

And of course, never to be left out, here’s my helpful assistant, Marv the Wonder Cat. I was working on Bead Show stuff, and the cat was trying to eat the pen while laying in the middle of the binder – oh yes, ever so helpful! LOL

Well, best get going. I have to get dressed so we can go to the dollar store – wouldn’t want to keep Freya waiting! LOL! Hope you all have a fantastic Sunday!! The sun is shining here, and I hope it is in your world too! 🙂



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15 09 2008

It’s a sunny day in my part of the world…way over in North Vancouver! 🙂 On my way to Ikea with Ashley so can’t wait to see what sort of trouble I can get into there!! Glad to hear that life is good for you! Have a fantastic day!

15 09 2008
Rita Reedy

Looks like Marv was just trying to assist you in taking a break from all that hard work. I love the photos, they are such a wonderful peek into the life of cats. (Not to mention your beautiful Freya) 😀

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