Back in the day …….

16 09 2008

Yup, back in the day, I didn’t have to write lists for myself so I wouldn’t forget things!! But alas, times have changed and now, if I don’t write it down (or put it in my cell phone!), there’s no hope of me remembering it – no matter what ‘it’ is!! And as I’m writing this, I realize there’s something else I forgot to do! JEEZE!!! I have to go to the community center and sign up for a drawing class with hubby. Must remember to do that! LOL He wants to take the class and I know he won’t do it without me, so I will give it a go (and try not to be better than he is! 🙂 ) Where was I? Oh, yeah! Back in the day, of course I didn’t have nearly as much stuff to remember! With the Bead Show racing towards me in a few short weeks, I’m mentally going over lists in my head all day long! Which can be good and bad. Try sleeping with all that stuff in your head! Not an easy task!! But my to-do list for the show is getting shorter, and the ‘done’ list is getting longer. Whew!!

Speaking of the bead show, the posters should be ready tonight, I will have to phone later today and find out. Ultradigital Printing in Langley, they’ve been AWESOME!! I’m dropping off the flyers for them to copy for me too – might as well, I’ll be there anyway! I have to get a sign made for the silent auction display case, a banner for the class registration table, and we’re good to go! 🙂 Ah, if it were that easy! LOL Sigh! But on a plus note, we are pretty close to full for vendors, the classes are filling okay, and we’re hoping for the tv crew to come again this year – we shall see!!

But if I don’t get off this computer, nothing will get done, so hope you all have a fantastic day, I’m outta here! Cheers!




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17 09 2008

Hey Barrie! I’m finally getting to check in with my friends! My hubby has been home for 3 weeks, so I couldn’t be on the computer. It just isn’t worth all the arguing.
Oh, I make lists for everything, too. I suffer from CRS myself. Can’t remember shit! It gets worse everyday. Getting older is just full of surprises!
I’m so glad to see you are happy and having a good time with Freya!
Talk to you later~

17 09 2008
Rita Reedy

Barrie, It sounds like the list is getting shorter all the time. Good for you. You will have to post a photo of the silent auction cabinet. Sounds like your handyman came through well. Nice of you to not outshine him in the drawing class. I am sure you will both do well. I was so amazed at some of the things I learned. I make lists too. Usually only of the things I want to remember. Don’t you hate it when the stupid things keep you awake, though!! I am okay for sleeping if I know it is on the list, because I can just let it go, and know I will remember when I read it. 😀

22 09 2008

Hi Barrie! Just dropped in to tell you that you have an award waiting for you over at my blog! Come on over!

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