Plier Review!!

24 09 2008

Well, I was perusing Etsy the other day (okay that was a couple of weeks ago, but time is a blur these days, so pretend it was the other day! LOL), and found these

They’re jump ring cutting pliers!! Make a coil of wire, fit it in between the jaws, then use your jewelry saw to cut individual rings slick as it gets! As soon as I got them in the mail, I had to try them out! I’ve tried tiny jump rings (20ga wrapped around a 14ga wire), then tired larger ones (16ga with about 1/4inch inside diameter – maybe a little bigger). The only drawback I could see is that you need to keep your coil about an inch and a half to two inches long, but if you’re looking to make a small number of jumprings then this is the tool for you! If you’re making chainmail, don’t bother!! You’re better off saving up and buying the jump ringer tool. But for me personally, I need a nice round jump ring (at least one or two) every day. I use them for bails for small earrings, or a couple of larger ones to join two pieces together, whatever the excuse, I use them often. And I refuse to buy ready made ones. And for me, it’s not a big deal to cut a few jump rings off a coil, but there are tons of people out there that struggle with holding that damn little coil and cutting rings. Then there are the rings that need to be wrapped in masking tape to hold it steady while you saw them. Don’t have to do that with these pliers!! I’m in love! I got mine from this seller on Etsy – JeanetteBlix. She’s out of stock right now, but says she’ll have more soon. Oh, and the really cool thing – they didn’t come with instructions, and the day Jeanette popped my pliers in the mail, she emailed me a fabulous video on how to use these babies! Woohoo!! I highly recommend them to everyone!!
Other exciting things happening – I got my hair cut today! And I LOVE it!! It’s honestly the first hair cut in years and years that I absolutely love! Not only did I get it cut, oh no! That would be too simple! I also had it colored (apparently it was ‘mud’ brown according to my new hair stylist LOL), and now it’s a rich reddish brown, kind of mahogany maybe? With (get this! LOL) purple peekaboo highlights!! Yes! Purple! And it’s the purpliest purple you’ve ever seen! And they’re called peekaboo highlights because they are tucked under my longer layers at the temples and show when I move my head or tuck my hair behind my ears. Cool huh?! I imagine someone is going to snap a pic of the new do soon, I’ll post it when there’s a decent one!!
Now off to watch ‘Fringe’ then head for bed – been a loooong day!!



One response

25 09 2008

I love the new pliers and now I want some! See what you did! Tool envy!
Congrats on the new do, to. I stopped getting my hair cut 3 years ago, because I got sick of hating the cut. Can’t wait to see a pic!
I mailed Louise’s jewelry today, and I told her not to let you look to closely at it! LOL I hope you both like it, but it sure did add some pressure, knowing you’d see it too!
Be gentle with me! 🙂

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