My kid has all the best toys!

27 09 2008

LOL I’m talking about my 18 year old son!! Today was his payday, so he asked if I would take him to best buy. Of course, I had to go to town anyway, so off we went. He bought a Wacom Bamboo tablet for his computer. I gotta get me one of these!!! It’s like a glorified mouse pad that has a little pen tool that you use instead of a mouse. It’s SUPER sensitive to touch so when you’re drawing, you can do all kinds of cool sketches, etc. It works like a mouse too. I’ve been playing with it tonight, and I SO want one! LOL Dh wants one to use to touch up his pictures for tattoos. It works fantastically with Paintshop Pro (our photo editor). Guess I’ll have to unplug this thing, box it back up and put it back in his room! LOL He’s off hanging out with his buddies playing video games (he also bought Rock Band 2), so I thought someone should try out the new toy! 🙂
Other than that, not much new going on around here. Still working on the bead show, still LOVING my new haircut, and on and on!! Hope you all have a great weekend. I’m finally off to bed – my back is sore tonight for some reason, so hopefully a good night’s sleep will help that!! Cheers!!




3 responses

28 09 2008
Rita Reedy

I don’t know what kind of Wacom tablet a “bamboo” one is, but it sounds awesome. I would love to have one, too. Fun toy!!!

28 09 2008

LOL Rita, dh has decided he can’t wait much longer, he wants one asap!! LOL We almost bought one tonight but decided we didn’t want to deal with one more store tonight! 🙂

1 10 2008

Don’t tell my son! He’ll want on, too!
I may have to get him that for Christmas, he’s a wonderful artist, and it sounds like a cool thing.

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