Happy Birthday to me!!

7 10 2008

Yup, it’s that time of year. I used to REALLY hate my birthday. Many of the worst days of my life were on my birthday. It got to the point that if I made it through the day without crying, it was a good birthday! Thank goodness those years are LONG past me! Now I actually look forward to it. Not because it’s my birthday – it’s just the inevitable march towards older age! But now, I look forward to it because I share this day with my first granddaughter, Freya. I had four boys, and my third son graced my life with a little girl for myy first grandchild (yeah, her mom’s a wingnut and we all just tolerate her). Don’t get me wrong, I ADORE my grandson as well, but there is a special bond between Freya and I. It was 11:30pm when I got the call from Freya’s other grandma that she had been born and surprise, it’s a girl. I was just SO thrilled!!! I knew that my birthday would never be the same again – in a VERY good way. Finally!!

So to celebrate this wonderful day, Freya and I are going to bake a cake. She wants a triple layer spice cake with white icing. Damn, I HATE cooking/baking, but for my little princess, I suppose I can suck it up and bake. It won’t kill me, I know that. And I’m good at it. I just hate doing it! LOL Dh is making us corn chowder for dinner – three of my four kids will be here (the oldest is coming for Thanksgiving dinner on the weekend, he lives too far away to come during the week), along with both my grandchildren and the boys’ girlfriends (whom I LOVE dearly!). So it is going to be a wonderful evening!

And as my dh is lousy at birthday gifts (I love him anyway! LOL), I’m debating buying myself a present. Just don’t know what I want specifically. Must give that some serious thought! 🙂

Well, off to get that cake started! I wonder if we have any cake pans ……….. 🙂



4 responses

8 10 2008

Happy Happy HAPPY Birthday to you!!


8 10 2008

YAY! Happy Birthday!
Have a great one!

8 10 2008
Joanne Harrill

I missed it but Happy Birthday!!!!!!

14 10 2008

Happy Belated Birthday!!!
(I’m so behind, it will be next year before I get it right!)


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