Three more sleeps!!

15 10 2008

Three more sleeps until the bead show! I’m finally getting excited. I think I’m on target, though I wish I’d had more time to make beads, more time to make jewelry, more time to do all the little things I always say I need to do and never find time to do them! Sigh!! It’s going to be great, I know that. I’ll stress about everyone having a good time (it’s what I do!). I’ll stress about making sure all the vendors are doing okay (it’s what I do!). I’ll stress about all kinds of little things, but that is part and parcel of putting together a show of this magnitude.
My hubby and I will be spending each night at the hotel, I HATE leaving the building during the whole shebang as I want to be right there should anything come up. We’re going to stay Thursday night as well, as the show starts setting up at 7am on Friday. This way, we can just get up and go in the morning instead of having to drive all the way to the hotel at that horrid hour! We’re having the dogs spend each night with us too! That should be quite interesting! Hah hah!! Yes, interesting is a good word! Bailey will love it, Jessie will hate it. Too many people she doesn’t know! I did buy her a pretty new purple collar and leash so she looks pretty (I know she’s a dog, but she’s my dog and she better look good! LOL). Bailey has a new leash and there’s nothing pretty about it! LOL Randy picked it out, and I think it would look better if it belonged to a big black lab or a rottweiler or something! LOL It’s a lot bigger than necessary!! Ahhhhh testosterone – it’s a guy leash! LOL Good thing Bailey’s not a girly/girl dog!! LOL
Speaking of purple, today I bought new fabric for my table covering for the show. Purple!! It’s a lovely shade of crushed velvet and once the show is done, I can use it to make myself a duster coat! I bought the pattern last year, and finally have the right fabric to make it! Just have to wait til after the show – like I’d have time to sew at this point in the game! NOT!! LOL
Well, I’m sure I’ll pop in at least one more time before the show – hopefully I’ll remember to take a few pictures before I deliver the custom work I have to do tomorrow. But right now, I’m off to pick up Randy, stop at the hardware store for wood for a cash box, stop at the insurance place to insure the truck (two vehicles will be MUCH easier to deal with this weekend!), then home to hit the studio. Gotta finish that custom work for tomorrow!! Cheers!




2 responses

16 10 2008
Rita Reedy

Oooh, it is sooo soon. I know you will have a great time, and stress out all the same. I only wish I could be there, too. Maybe next year!!!! Let yourself relax a bit and enjoy seeing all your friends!!!

17 10 2008

I hope everything goes as smooth as silk and you have a wonderful time!
Good luck!

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