One more quick note!

22 10 2008

Just wanted to add that I’m by no means completely annoyed at Lise, she’s my friend, and I know she takes this as a loving jab – and she also knows if she ever does this to me again, the video will be the least of her worries! LOL

Tomorrow, I am going to make jewelry again! It’s about time! Wait til you see the garnet earrings I’m going to finish and mail to Tanis of Studio Indah! And I’ll show you a few pics of the jewelry I finished last week. I’m back at the bench! hooray!!!

I’ll post about the show occasionally, it really was a fantastic show – now that I’ve gotten the worst incident out in the air, the rest was a cake walk! Cheers!



2 responses

26 10 2008

Well Barrie… All I can say is WOW! A friend and I went to the bead show on Saturday… both first timers and we were amazed! Fabulous shopping, nice people, great venue, well organized, beautiful work to be inspired by…
Oh and my budget may take some serious time to recover. It was a great experience.Thanks for all you do to make it happen.

29 10 2008

So where are the photos…I’m waiting!! 🙂 Don’t be such a tease!

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