Whew! We survived the Show!!

22 10 2008

Well, the show arrived, and it went off with only a few minor glitches. The funny thing is, the whole show goes on, and no one but my little inner circle of wonderful assistants realizes that things are going haywire!! In all honesty, this year was much less stressful for me than last year. I think it was because I was way more organized than usual. Unfortunately, into every show a little rain must fall (not literally, it just seemed like a downpour at the time!). My class organizer/assistant who shall NOT remain nameless (LISE) ended up having a pretty serious family crisis befall her shortly before the show and needless to say she was a MESS!! She came to my house three days before the show and told me she wasn’t ready for her class on Sunday, she needed bunch of stuff done and didn’t think she could do it. She also didn’t do the name tags, class lists, schedules, signs, etc like she has the past two years! Yikes! So I drop everything and start working on that end of things. Three days was not enough time!! Especially when I still had a bunch of other things I needed to do! ARGH!! So, not the panicking kind of person, Lise and I agreed that I would come to her hotel room on Saturday night after going out for dinner to cut out the silver disks for her class and ‘help’ her write her notes for her class. Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? You would have thought, but no. Nothing is ever that simple! I arrived at her room at about 8:30 ish. She and her friend were drunk as skunks! Oh no! So not letting little things like that phase me too much, I sat down and started getting all the stuff she needed to borrow (my hammers, etc) out of my tool case and handed over to her so she could have it ready for the morning class. When I sat down, she poured me a drink – crantini she calls them. Vodka and cranberry juice. Well, this particular drink was WAY more ‘tini’ than it was ‘cran’!!! Whoa! So I sipped it slowly, I don’t drink. Not because I can’t and not because I don’t enjoy it, but because I get such a stuffy nose from alcohol it just ain’t worth it! LOL Then there was a knock at the door. My son’s girlfriend’s, Claire and Cecili arrived to visit and keep us company – the boys were watching UFC and the girls wanted to hang out with us. No big deal – the girls are 20 and I love them to pieces, plus they were sober! It was nice to have a sober face or two there! Tricky girls! They had coolers in their purses!! Coolers are alcoholic carbonated fruit drinks – needless to say the first one didn’t last either of them long! They moved onto crantinis – oh goody! LOL I kept working away, pulling out the sheet of silver, hammering out the little disks, sipping away at the drink on the table, listening to the giggling and laughing of all these crazy women. Sipping a little more – boy, it was warm in that room!! I got all 66 disks cut, then had to get Lise to focus long enough to help me write her notes. Piece of cake! NOT!!! She couldn’t stay focused for longer than about 2 minutes! ARGH!! But we managed to slap something together that was legible, and informative, if not full of fluffy extras and pretty pictures. Whew!!! At this point, it’s made it to nearly midnight and the girls (Lise, Claire and Cecili) have decided they’re going downstairs to the Casino. As I rolled my eyes, I figured what the heck – they’re all adults, why not! When I left them at the elevator to go to my room to try to sleep, I told them that all three of them HAD to work the next morning, HAD to be ready to deal with the public at 9:30am – Lise to teach her class and the girls to run the admissions desk. They were warned that they better be on the ball or I was going to be very upset with all of them! LOL (oooohhh!! there’s a threat! *snicker*)

Well, I had a restless night. The vendor in the room next to mine had some friends to his room and they were VERY noisy well after midnight. But eventually it didn’t matter – I was tired!! At about 1:30am I got a text from Cecili – they’re at Citrus! The nightclub down the street from the hotel! OH NO!!! This can’t end well?!? But as I absolutely refused to get up and do anything about it (like I could?), I figured Sunday morning was going to be an interesting one! LOL I got up early, went down to the restaurant for breakfast and called Lise at 8:15 figuring she would have lots of time to nurse a hang over with black coffee before class. I called her cell and her room mate answered ‘She’s still drunk!!’ as I hear a very happy ‘WOOHOO’ in the background! OH NO again!! So I tried not to panic. I finished my breakfast, and headed up to the class registration desk, determined that if Lise couldn’t handle it, I would teach the class myself – not that I was any more prepared than she was, but at lease I was sober! I hauled out the silver disks – I still had to cut the circle out of the center of them (they needed to be donuts), and it had been too dark and I was too wobbly to do it the night before. I think I managed to cut two or three before a volunteer rescued me from that task! Thank you Eve!!!!! But not before I dropped the steel block on my toe! Oops! LOL I had decided that I was not even remotely prepared to teach that morning (with all the show things going on, I couldn’t focus enough to teach!) nd I was about two steps from canceling the whole class as I didn’t think Lise could pull it off herself – she was still drunk for crying out loud, who should appear at the top of the escalator but Lise herself. Ready and raring to go – sort of!! Somehow, someway, she managed to scrape herself together and get the class finished with minimum difficulty. I did have a friend help her get her class started, then Lise managed to run the class and get through it without further incident. Whew!!! I had to relax for a few minutes after that whirl wind!! But not before finding out that Cecili and Claire managed to take a video of Lise pole dancing at the club!! Pole dancing?!? Are you kidding me!? ROFL! So I promised the whole show that I do not get mad, I get even and so for your grainy viewing pleasure, may I introduce you to my friend Lise (though she may never speak to me again after this, at least she has clothes on and doesn’t have any handsome young man girating against her! ROFL!) – oh and I have NO idea how to turn the video from sideways, so tilt your head and enjoy! LOL



4 responses

22 10 2008

It was a fabulous show, and I am sure no one else had a clue you had anything go less than perfectly! We had a great time, both as vendors and shoppers. Remind me never to piss you off, lol, especially if there is video evidence! Good job!!!!!!!!!!!

22 10 2008

haha!! That is too funny. Well, now it is – I might not have thought so then.

You are a good friend. Really good.

((hugs)) Glad you’re back.

23 10 2008

LOL That’s why I never allow video cameras around me!
Glad it all worked out!

24 10 2008
Lise Pole Dancer

What…I finally get my five minutes of fame and you can’t even see my face clearly. How will I ever be recognized !!?? Love you Barrie !!!

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