A few Fraser Valley Bead Show pictures!

29 10 2008

Okay, there aren’t a ton of them, but I want to thank Darlene for getting at least these ones!! I had my camera there, but couldn’t find it half the time and was totally swamped with other stuff the rest of the time. There aren’t even any pics of my booth!! Wonder how that happened? This is the first year that I actually had lots of stuff to sell! Oh well, just means I’ll have to have lots to sell next year to take pics of!

So without further ado, here are the pics!

Damaris Oakley (and hubby!) of Redroom Art Glass!

Wendy Bester, Bumble Beads – amazing polymer clay beads (super nice lady too!!).

Patricia Doyle (in the middle – not sure who she’s with!), showing off her gorgeous fused glass platter! By the way, Pat is awesomely amazing! I am eternally grateful for all her help before, during and after the show! She helped one of our virgin vendors (he’d never been to any show, let alone a bead show before!) and he walked in the room, stared straight ahead like a deer in the headlights, and Pat walked over, guided him to his booth and assured him that he would be just fine.Matt of Just Screwing Around says that if it weren’t for our wonderful Pat, he’d have turned tail and run! LOL Bead freaks aren’t that scary, are we?!?

This is Pat’s booth at the show. She is a lampwork and fused glass artist, and a super nice person! (don’t worry, she deserves all the praise I can give her!!) LOL

Strung Out On Beads (above) is a local bead store (Abbotsford, BC). It’s a VERY funky bead store, and I’m proud to say I’ve known Lisa, the owner (not shown) since she opened her original store around the corner from this one – gads, must have been at least 14 years ago!! Yikes! LOL If you think you’re a bead addict, Lisa’s daughter’s name is Nova Bead! I tried to get a pic of Nova and Freya playing while everyone was setting up, but they’re all blurry! That’s what happens when little girls run rampant!!

There’s Melanie Rowe, peaking from beside her display!! Mel does the most incredible face beads – I wish I had a picture of the one Darlene bought. It’s so beautiful! I’ll have to bug Darlene and get her to take a pic of it!

Roxann Blazetich-Ozols of Bead Addict, from Ontario. She makes up beautiful seed bead kits, and taught a couple of bead crochet classes at the show (thanks Roxann!).

Caliente Art Glass – Michelle had tons of her lampwork beads for sale, including her super cute pirate beads wearing santa hats! LOL

This somewhat unpopulated booth is shared by Kerri Fuhr and Stephanie Cannon (Donna Barrell is out front shopping! Her daughter had a booth at the show). Anyway, I’m not sure where the girls were when Darlene was taking a pic – wish I’d gotten some close ups of these girls’ beads! They do amazing work!

Hooray! A picture of my wonderful amazing Silent Auction assistant Naaz!! She’s manning Debra Kallen’s booth in this picture. This woman is an absolute spitfire! So full of energy, life, enthusiasm and fun!! You can’t help but laugh and smile when she’s around, she’s awesome! And a VERY dedicated supporter of all our local bead artists! I don’t think anyone has a collection of jewelry like Naaz does!! She’s also very good for the ego – she tells me I’m doing a great job (even when I feel like I should be pulling my hair out!). Did I remember the thank you enough yet, Naaz? I’m making her a ring covered in sapphires – that should be thanks enough, right?!?! LOL

Here’s Tanis Johnson ofStudio Indah! You wouldn’t believe the clasps this woman sells!! STUNNING!! If you’re ever looking for spectacular and unique clasps for your handmade jewelry, Tanis is your woman! I have a pair of earrings to send her tomorrow – I’ll post a pic before they go in the mail (Sorry for the delay Tanis, I was such a complete zombie last week! Sorry!!). Naaz fell in LOVE with a HUGE blue clasp – I wonder if she bought it?

This is Kimdoly Trading – LOTS of semi precious gemstone beads. Their booth is always busy.

This is the last of the pictures I have – Kirsty Naray from Ontario. She’s another amazing lampwork artist. She makes beautiful flower beads. I was so glad she made the long trip to the show!

Thanks again to everyone that made the show a huge success!! If you or anyone you know has any pictures, I’d love it if you’d send them to me! There were 49 vendors at the show – surely someone got more pics than this! LOL I must remember to make sure my volunteers have more time to wander the show, shop and take pictures for me! 🙂 Or better yet, remember to get one to volunteer to strictly take pictures! That would probably work best – I wonder what my wonderful friend Susan is doing next year! (hint, hint!).




8 responses

29 10 2008

uhhh, ok – where’s the pics of YOU???

30 10 2008
Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor

Thanks for sharing these great pictures! Too bad you don’t have pictures of your booth or of Debra Kallen’s (the chocolate bead lady), she had a fantastic display! I think I missed chatting with you because I was talking with Wendy at Bumble Beads (right across from you) for so long. Will make sure to look for you next year!

30 10 2008
Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor

Ummm just looking through your pictures again and see Debra’s Booth… Looks like I shoulda had a V8… I’m losing it! 🙂

1 11 2008

Janice…I have some but they are from last year and she’s wearing a tiara. But it won’t show off her beautiful new ‘do’! I don’t want to make her hit list either. 🙂 Just kidding!

1 11 2008

Good grief – I didn’t know you had pics of the tiara Bee!!Don’t worry, you’d have to do a lot more than show a pic of me to make the hit list! LOL I should get Randy to take a pic of the new ‘do’ and the tiara – though I didn’t wear the tiara at the show this year as the darn thing is TOO HEAVY to wear for any length of time!! And I only know this because I wear it when I’m working at my bench some days (when I’m feeling rather princess-y!) LOL

2 11 2008

Hey Barrie……I loved taking pictures. Everyone was soooo friendly.

BUT….GRRRR…..My batteries gave up. Sheesh. Does this sound familiar? The camera curse is still with us. I think the curse is slightly less powerful now since I was able to get a few really great smiles.
Someone like Susan would be good to put on this task. She could get all the artsy kind of pics that would showcase the fabulous beads and jewelry and glass and supplies and Pat’s plate etc. etc. There was so much to see!
Great job kiddo!
Love ya,

3 11 2008

TAG! You’re it – post 7 random things about yourself and tag 7 other people. (you can read it no my blog – and blame Tammy – she started it!)

8 04 2015

Hi, My fiance is a teacher back in the Dominican Republic. She has been teaching making all kind of Beads stuff for almost 13 years and I would like to know how I can start a business with her in Boston.. Can you guys point me in the right direction?


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