Wow, December already?!?

4 12 2008

You know, I think I blinked at some point! Wasn’t it just July?! Sigh! Won’t be long before Christmas sets in! I think we’re going to get our Christmas tree this weekend. Although I’m not sure where it’s going to go in the living room? Dh will do a major furniture rearrange which will make him very happy (he HATES the way it is now!). But whenever he rearranges the furniture, it stresses me out – big time! Not that he’s incapable of coming up with a good layout – it’s me! I hate change!! While the layout doesn’t really work well now, at least it’s what I know! LOL I’ll just have to remember to take a deep breath and deal with it! LOL
Oh, and this is the very first Christmas with just dh, our youngest son Cody and I. Just the three of us! Last year at this time, we had Kevin and Claire with us (second son and g/f – their apartment burnt down), plus Mark, Cecili and Freya (3rd son, g/f and granddaughter), so in all, there were 8 of us!! We had such a good time – didn’t have a lot of money or anything, but with a house full, it was wonderful. So this year is going to be a bit melancholy for me! I’ll be fine, just going to find it a bit weird. Though Kevin and Mark have assured me that all six of them (Kevin, Claire, Dayton, Freya, Mark and Cecili) are going to come for Xmas Day breakfast as they are all going to different in-laws for Xmas dinner. I guess the years of having my entire family with me for Xmas dinner are over. 😦 Though I’m sure dh will be happy! That’s less turkey he needs to cook! LOL So for dinner this year, it will be dh, Cody and I along with our oldest son Chris who will come out by bus for the day. We’ll still have a great time – it’s just what we do! 🙂
Anyway, enogh whining from me! Here’s a pic of a ring I finished the other day – it’s a gift for a friend’s daughter who is going through a rough time right now. Hope she likes it!

It is a hammered silver band with green and pink tourmaline.
I’ve also begun a very gradual de-stash of my studio. Check out my Etsy for some goodies I’ve posted – nothing wrong with them. I either have too many or will NEVER use them! Might as well find them another home!! Plus I could sure use a few extra $$ at Xmas time! 🙂
Have a great week – I’ll try to stop by again before the end of the week!



4 responses

4 12 2008

OMG, Barrie, she is going to absolutely love it!!!! I can’t wait to see her face. 😀

4 12 2008

That ring would cheer anybody up! It’s gorgeous!
Maybe everybody will show up for Christmas. Personally, I just want Christmas to be over. I’m a scrooge. LOL

6 12 2008

Gorgeous ring! It was hard when we lost our only kid at Christmas – my brother broke up with his GF (and son). We are only 4 but at least my bro is coming over. You will have a good time, it will just be different.

And stuff on Etsy, woohoo! Like I need anything…

10 12 2008

Hi Barrie! I’m chloe from Jewelry Artists Network!
That ring is beautiful. If I were that friends daughter I would be so happy with that!
I’ve got a blog on wordpress too (that’s how I found yours!)

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