I’m starting to feel Christmas-y!!

10 12 2008

I was going to change my banner to something to reflect the holidays, but I really love Goofy’s grumpy face up there – sorry, he’ll have to be my Christmas Grinch! LOL

Well, I am feeling VERY Christmas-y today! I dragged one of my best friends to Potter’s Christmas Store – OMG!! It is the most Christmas-y place I’ve been in a VERY long time!!! Christmas is Sue’s very favorite time of year, and I saw an ad on tv for this place and just knew I had to take her there!! Breathtaking, absolutely breathtaking!! And I have to admit that for the first time in a VERY long time, I am really feeling the Christmas spirit. (quick sad background story, then back to happy – just to warn you! My father passed away on Dec 11/99, nine very long years ago. That was the start of separating Christmas from good feelings for me. The very last present he ever gave me (in freaking October no less!!) was a porcelain angel Christmas tree topper! Then when my mom passed away in 2005, it really became a melancholy time for me. You see my mom collected Santa Clauses (that isn’t spelled right, is it?!). Anyway, she kept her Santas out and on display all year long. My kids and I would search out new and different Santas for her every year. So once she passed away, they all came to me. And for the longest time, it would make me very sad to put the angel on the tree (it was 3 years before she even came out of her plastic storage box – just couldn’t do it!). And then it was really hard to put the Santas out on display. Mom died in March, so by Christmas that year, I did put them out, but it was more to keep the kids happy than wanting to look at the darn things. But time has a funny way of making things easier and this year, for the first time in a long time, and even though the kids won’t be here but for a few hours, I am looking forward to turning our living room into a festive retreat. Thanks Sue, for helping Christmas be a happy thing for me again. And OMG Thank you SO Much for my purple Christmas tree!! That’s right, people, Sue bought me a purple tree for my studio!! See how easy it is to thrill me!? LOL! It’s a 4 ft artificial (duh!) tree, that is currently standing on my teaching table, waiting for it’s beautiful decorations. Which will have to wait a day longer as I have to go get some clear lights tomorrow (didn’t have time today). Once the lights are on it though, I’m going all out!! Black & silver decorations! I bought some beautiful little black balls (that does NOT sound good! LOL) and some smoky grey crystals. It’s going to look awesome! I have a few other little decorations I’m going to put on it, just have to make them first – you’ll see! I’ll post a pic of my beautiful little tree once it’s done!! Can’t wait!!!

Oh, and if you came here for jewelry pics, I did actually finish a BUNCH of jewelry and set up a display at the Semiahmoo Library in White Rock today. I just have to upload the pics to the computer later tonight, then I’ll post them. I promise!! But for now, I have to wake dh up from his after-work nap and get dinner going. Hope you all are having a fantastic day!! Happy holidays!!



3 responses

10 12 2008

Merry Christmas.


10 12 2008

I’m not a Christmas-y person. I don’t even put up a tree anymore. I’m glad you’re getting your Holiday spirit back, tho!

12 12 2008
Susan, christmas wingnut

My job here is done! Now I’ll go to work on Randy!

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